Let’s break 2014′s Google search trends

"Am I becoming a prawn?" and other suggested search terms.

The only thing more distressing than being location-tracked by Google?

The Big Brother you always wished you had.

I guess you COULD get Google Glass

But only if you're ready to face reality.

What Google’s Do’s and Don’ts for Glass Explorers are really saying

A quick dose of reality.

The states of the union in stereotypes, via Google autocomplete

Thanks, Google!

Gmail’s new ‘feature’: e-mails from strangers!

Don't be creepy.

Google to banish death with new company, Calico

Death is so 2007.

How I became the world’s worst cyborg — a GoogleGlass review


Dear Google, About these recent changes to Gmail

This is not change I can believe in.

Through a Google Glass, darkly

Darkly, or, Alex's Adventures in Wonderland.

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