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Posted at 10:44 AM ET, 05/31/2007

A Car Ride With Mike and Mike

This is the dramatic stuff that happens when you ride in a car with Mike and Mike from their morning radio show at Atlantic Video to the Grand Hyatt, site of the Spelling Bee: Not much, really. Isn't a very long car ride.

So now I'm waiting in the make-up room for the various Mikes to appear and be made-up, which has already led to the best quote of the day, from the make-up person, Michele, when I introduced myself as a blogger.

"I heard some statistics last night about how many blogs are out there," she told me. "It's obscene. It's ridiculous. We can't handle all this information. We'll implode. But first make some money off it. Let the others implode."

Wil do. To be fair, I just informed her that I'd be quoting her on this issue.

"That just proves my point," she said, "what garbage you're putting out there, what worthless clap-trap."

Anyhow, I made it downtown in time for the last hour of this morning's radio show (heard locally on Triple X ESPN Radio), where there were lots of important celebrities in attendance, including Tod Castleberry (from Triple X ESPN Radio), who pointed out that in this week's Bog there have been at least three references to a rival sports talk radio station but zero for Triple X ESPN Radio. He asked me to square the ledger. Done.

The other celebs included some representatives of Fractured Prune Donuts, which had provided donuts this morning, one of their donuts having attracted Mike Golic's eye during a commercial break--"just what I need to get even fatter," he said--leading him to be late returning to the set, and leading me to think back to Screech's absolute meltdown on Celebrity Fit Club after one of the Brady sisters accused him of eating a renegade donut. That was truly remarkable TV.

Other than that, Golic, on air, kept saying the Spelling Bee was Greenberg's "Mothership" and his "Valhalla," and Greenberg kept calling the spellers "his people," although I don't suppose he meant this in a strict demographic sense, since he doesn't appear to be Indian, although I haven't asked him yet.

And then the big question, after the show, was about wardrobe.

"Are you wearing the same clothes all day or do you have a shirt change?" Golic asked Greenberg.

"I'm wearing the same clothes all day," Greenberg said. "And you?"

"I have a shirt change and a tie change," Golic said. "I guess I'm just going to look better than you."

"I think the chances of that are really slim," Greenberg said.

"No, my wife, she marked them," Golic pointed out, "what to wear with what, so I can't mess up. It's like Garanimals."

"Are you getting this?" Greenberg asked me, and I was trying, although I didn't know exactly what Garanimals was, or even how to spell it, and so I asked, temporarily forgetting the nature of today's athletic competition.

"We'll ask these kids when we get there," Golic promised.

In case I haven't given quite enough free publicity to ESPN and all its corporate children just yet, the Bee is on TV right now, and the Mikes are supposedly going to be ready to comment by about 11:30.

By  |  10:44 AM ET, 05/31/2007

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