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Posted at 12:40 PM ET, 09/09/2009

Afternoon Bog: Peter King Sides With Dan Snyder

Redskins fans love to accuse Peter King of anti-burgundy bias, and they seized on his 6-10 final record prediction this summer, as further evidence, but here comes King, defending the team's owner against charges of bankrupting Fairfax County grannies.

Leif, the way I look at that one is pretty simple: If you sign a contract to buy anything, and for whatever reason you renege on the deal, the people you signed the contract with have every right to come after their money. It's often hard to defend Dan Snyder, buy I can't kill him on this one. He has massive debt service on his stadium, and he relies on X amount of dollars coming in every year from people who have signed contracts to buy seats and pay down that debt service.

Fair enough. So I wonder why, in a move that had nothing to do with any newspaper stories, the team decided to let granny off the hook, possibly putting Snyder's massive debt service at risk?

More afternoon links, with help from Max Wasserman and Jake DiGregorio.

* Chris Samuels refuses to acknowledge Football Outsiders data that shows he was the key to Washington's collapse, and instead praises the Bengals defense. (Homer McFanboy)

* KC Joyner says Jim Zorn was the key to the collapse, writing that "he wanted to take the safest route possible no matter what" and "he was focusing on trying not to fail as opposed to trying to succeed." (Fifth Down)

* The Skins have two of the NFL's Top 100 players, according to The Sporting News. That's about one less than the odds say they should have. So add Ethan Albright, and we're good. (Redskins 360)

* There's now yummy Redskins breakfast cereal, available at Harris Teeter. (Skins Blog)

* Nine out of ten numbers agree that Alex Ovechkin is very, very good. (Japers' Rink)

* Footage of the Real World Caps intern wiping out on the ice. (NBC Washington)

* Adam Dunn has an NBA equivalent: Kevin Martin. (TrueHoop)

* Vote for your dream Nats lineup. Have fun choosing the pitcher, between Livan Hernandez and Livan Hernandez. (

* Someone has found existential truth in Chico's ledes. (Patrick Cooper)

* Johnny Bench fan Derek Norris was honored at Tuesday night's Nats game. (MASN)

* The entire Nationals team was honored as well, making this list of Sports Franchise Mishaps. (Souvenir City)

* An Astros fan calls for a Frank Robinson Hiring. (Hairballs)

* Caron Butler plays 1-on-1 against what appears to be a blue Gumby-like creature with a tumor. (Truth About It)

* The ACC is irrelevant, according to Patriot League fan John Feinstein. (WaPo)

* Soon after being crushed by Bears, Maryland football is close to being ravaged by Swine (Flu). (D1scourse)

* Leonard Shapiro crushes the news divisions at WRC and Comcast SportsyNet for allowing their reporters to wear the Skins logo on-air. Also, he crushes the Junkies for saying "retard." (WaPo)

* Some kids stole the Cal Ripken statue from outside Camden Yards. (Mister Irrelevant)

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