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Posted at 05:04 PM ET, 12/07/2006

Airport D.C. United Conversation No. 2: Bobby Boswell

So last night I spoke with DCU defender Bobby Boswell. He, too, was in an airport, set to fly someplace more exciting than here, in his case Guam. Except he was already someplace more exciting than here, in his case Hawaii.

Bobby, as I'm sure you all know, is in the midst of this 15-day Armed Forces Entertainment tour, along with fellow DCU'ers Devon McTavish, Domenic Mediate and Jamil Walker. Bobby was originally supposed to go back-packing by himself in New Zealand this summer, but he instead chose to do soccer clinics in the South Pacific. The group was leaving Hawaii last night, narrowly missing today's Pearl Harbor Day events, and was off to Guam, which was a puzzling development for the guys.

"To be honest, we don't know anything about it," Bobby said. "We got in an argument with a lady, no one could figure out if it's a U.S. territory. We're not sure what's going on with that. Jamil has a friend there, but other than that we've never met anyone who's from Guam or who's been to Guam."

Frankly, I haven't either. Here are the highlights thus far that Bobby didn't already cover in his chat yesterday.

1) Despite arriving at Reagan about two hours early, various delays led to the DCU players having their names called while they were still in line at the metal detectors and then sprinting through the airport and running through the gate as the door was closing. "It was really cool," Bobby reported. "I felt special."

2) Bobby wanted to make sure I mentioned that his alma mater, Florida International, again made national sports news, this time after its basketball team arrived in Wisconsin sans luggage. "My alma mater's making me proud," he said. "We can't pack ourselves properly, and if we do, we'll beat you up."

3) Here are their various run-ins with the authorities thus far: Bobby was twice scolded by base police for jogging at night without wearing reflective clothing, Jamil was told he couldn't take his shirt off on base, and McTavish was reprimanded for breaking out his video camera on base. Also, Bobby was reprimanded at the hotel for not being Sergeant Pasquale after being given the key to the wrong room, but he insists that he never claimed to be Sergeant Pasquale and had no interest in gaining access to Sergeant Pasquale's room.

4) "We went surfing as a group, which I'm not sure we're allowed to do, but we did, and Jamil, his bathing suit didn't have strings, so he went surfing in spandex, and we have pictures to prove this," Bobby said.

5) McTavish found "creepy crawlers" in his room. Not sure if that's the scientific name. They ate his bag of goldfish.

6) While he was passing out soccer balls to kids, Bobby met a four-year old girl and asked her if she played soccer. She said no, but that she was a hula dancer. Bobby had attempted to Hula dance at a Hooters the previous night, so he challenged the four-year-old "cutest little girl ever" to a dance-off in front of all the other kids. "She killed me," he admitted. "She was really good. Wait 'till you she this girl."

7) If you wonder how we'll see it, each of the players has a video camera, and they're taking copious videos. None are particularly good at this, Bobby said. McTavish accidentally recorded 15 minutes of his arm. The other three are taking standard vacation shots, like of People Surfing. "I'm more of a clown, trying to get people to say stupid stuff and get it on camera," Bobby said, which warmed my heart.

8) Re: Water Wars, Bobby said that he called Nicky during the competition, but that Nicky wouldn't tell him anything for fears of compromising security. Bobby would like to be the target of a future Roche competition, and said that the stalkers "never would have found me." Also, he said he was keeping up with the action via his mom, who was keeping up with it via the Bog.

Er, hey Ms. Boswell! Glad you're still around! Sounds like Bobby's doing just fine out there! And he was just joking in all these above items; I'm sure he's making you very proud.

Kinda disconcerting to have the mothers of your subjects reading your blog.

9) Re: Robin Rexroat, I told Bobby that she asked if he was still cocky.

"Did you say yes?" Bobby asked me. "Tell her yeah, tell her I'm a professional athlete, all professional athletes are cocky. I was the most talkative little kid alive. I'm still the most talkative person, but then I was annoying. They made a no-talking rule for me. I think she was in high school, [and] I was like this little dorky kid talking her head off."

Really, Ms. Boswell, I swear, he's just joking.

10) Bobby is trying to convince the rest of the group to take a deep-sea fishing trip, but their handler is scared of sharks, so that might not happen, because they've agreed to do everything as a group. He sounded way, way too happy about all this.

"We didn't really know what we were getting ourselves into, but when you go as a group it's a lot of fun," he summed up. "Don't worry, man, we're going to have tons of stories. We just laugh all day."

So to recap, one group of DCU players is heading to Jamaica for a wedding, another group is touring the South Pacific while laughing all day, and me and Goff are going to early-season non-conference college basketball games in overheated gyms. Cool.

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