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Posted at 04:26 PM ET, 11/02/2010

Cerrato says McNabb benching "dumbfounded" him

You know whose opinion on the McNabb benching we still hadn't heard? Vinny Cerrato.

"I can't figure that one out," he told Baltimore's 105.7 The Fan. "I mean, Rex Grossman's never won anything, and Donovan's been to championship games. Many a time I've been on opposite sidelines and he's come back and beat us. And the thing about it is, I think Mike's a great coach, he's a good friend of mine, but I just don't agree with that decision. Because basically, the two-minute drill, you're going out there, you're playing like you're playing in the street.

"The quarterback's making calls, he's calling his own plays. The two-minute drill, usually the quarterback handles it, plus Donovan can run, and he's used to the rush that was coming and the pressure. That one dumbfounded me when I was watching the game. I thought Donovan was hurt, and then when they said he wasn't hurt and they brought in Rex Grossman, I thought c'mon. They had a chance to win the game with 1:40 to go. If they get a touchdown, it's right there."

(The other interesting Vinny comment came when he was asked about the turmoil in Dallas, and whether Wade Phillips will be canned.

"I think he'll survive the season, because it was the same thing we looked at with Zorn, do you fire a guy in the middle of the year? It really doesn't make any sense, because historically, the team really doesn't improve that much or anything, so it doesn't help you to do that.")

(Via @HogsHaven.)

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