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Posted at 05:15 PM ET, 06/19/2007

College Stars Have Blog Fever

With blogs sweeping through the world of sports like fingernails across John Daly's pudgy cheeks, I wanted to provide two more quick updates, proving just how popular sports blogs and sports bloggers really are.

1) Remember how Winning the Turnover Battle helped make such a big deal over Joakim Noah's comments on blogs and bloggers? To wit:

"I think mock drafts are a complete joke," Noah said when told several mock drafts link him to the Charlotte Bobcats. "I heard a couple of guys who make the mock drafts are kids in basements. You read what these guys say, and they have no idea what they're talking about."

[Honestly, I didn't understand why people took offense. Whether or not the mock drafters are kids in basements, it's an impossible exercise with a miniscule success rate., which I go to all the time because the URL is so easy to remember, correctly predicted exactly two of the final 55 picks in last year's draft, zero after the lottery. That's not a tremendous rate of success. We'd all be much better served spending our spare time reading ABA press releases, from which we could learn that the ABA's Houston Takers have a MySpace page on which they identify themselves as a 6-8 straight black Christian with a six-figure income. And also that their motto for 2007 is "Come Witness The Takeover," because stealing from just one NBA superstar would be so lame.]

Anyhow, last week I asked former Florida teammate Lee Humphrey about Noah's comments, and whether this was a shot at blogs.

"Blogs are Internet stuff, right?" Humphrey replied. So I asked whether he reads any blogs.

"No, not a whole lot," he said. "It took me a little while to figure out what a blog was. I was thinking 'blog, blog....' I actually don't even have a computer right now. I'm gonna buy a laptop though. I'm moving out of college, I'm going to have to get one."

He used to have a laptop, but he gave it to his parents. As I said, blogs are sweeping the nation.

2) You know Greg Oden's Yardbarker blog? Which contains such mind-bending gems as this: "Ron Artest was also there with his wife and i got to say hi to him, he is a nice guy." Well, last week I asked Oden's former Buckeye teammate, Daequan Cook, whether he's been keeping up with the blog.

"I can't hear you," Cook said.

I asked again whether he looked at Oden's blog.

"On what?" he said.

"He's doing a blog on Yardbarker," I said.

"I've never looked at it, why?" Cook said, and I didn't have a great answer.

So like I said, blogs are sweeping the nation. Y'all should Come Witness The Takeover.

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