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Posted at 04:19 PM ET, 11/01/2011

Cooley preaches patience

So Chris Cooley is injured and out for the year, allowing him to offer a calm and sober assessment of what’s happening to this Redskins season, as opposed to the rest of us, who have not slept for 70 hours and are freebasing Starbucks Double Shot Energy Mocha Flavored Espresso mixed with mashed grape nerds while ranting and raving in multiple media. I’m looking at you, Jason Reid.

Anyhow, Cooley’s basic, unassailable point is this: for several years, Redskins fans have bemoaned the team’s instability, constant turnover and frequent coaching changes, arguing that you can never succeed in the NFL if you’re constantly altering your approach. Also, those fans would like to fire and possibly flog everyone in sight.

“I’ve listened to everyone call in, and I’ve listened to everyone talk about our staff, and this is what I like about it,” Cooley said Monday on the LaVar and Dukes show. “Our fan base hates our owner, ok, because he can’t ever keep a coach, he’ll never keep players, he’ll never keep guys around, he changes it, it’s like a fantasy football team to him. But then everyone calls in and says we gotta get rid of Kyle Shanahan, we gotta get rid of Mike Shanahan, we gotta get rid of these players, we gotta trade Chris Cooley.

“So you criticize Dan Snyder for trading coaches and players every year and trying to do things every year, and then you call and say this is what we’ve got to do? I hate it. What we’ve got to do is keep consistency over a period of time, and continue to try to build, trust me, under Mike Shanahan, who knows football and knows players.”

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