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Posted at 11:01 AM ET, 10/30/2006

Dear Leader Revolutionizes Basketball

Via True Hoop, via Detroit Bad Boys, comes a story involving Kim Jong Il, which automatically qualifies it as among the day's weirdest. The story focuses on Kim's love of NBA basketball, saying the dictator is avid basketball fan, experts on North Korea say, so much so that he is said to have regulation courts at most of his palaces plus a video library of practically every game Michael Jordan ever played for the Bulls.

Which is fine and all. But more interesting is this passage, about how North Korea's isolation from the world has led to an alternate universe of basketball rules.

...Basketball, with little contact with the outside world, has evolved like the tortoises in the Galapagos Islands. Chinese media have reported that the country even developed its own scoring system, with three points for a dunk, four points for a three-pointer that does not touch the rim and eight points for a basket scored in the final three seconds. Miss a free throw, and it's minus one.

Those crazy Korean ballers. Word, they're even considering this new rule where players would not be allowed to take two steps without dribbling.

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