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Posted at 03:35 PM ET, 08/30/2012

It’s the preseason for everyone

When I pointed out that Comcast SportsNet ran a graphic announcing Robert Griffin III was 1-0 as the Redskins starter after his first pretend game, I got a message from a CSN employee. “It’s the preseason for us, too,” he wrote, more or less.

And cheers to that. Still, neither that — nor my self-admitted tendency to make hysterical and frequent mistakes — will stop me from pointing out some of the weirdest moments of the past two Skins games.

Like the above graphic, which ran during the official Redskins broadcast Wednesday night. Ryan Kerrigan did not, in fact, go to North Carolina.

Though the Bucs broadcast was also having its issues. Since Mike Shanahan does not, in fact, look like Greg Schiano.

Then there was this fan, proudly wearing his “GriffnIII” jersey to the Colts game. Hey, it’s preseason. Get those spellings ironed out before Week 1.

Or this fan, proudly trying to turn McNabb into Cundiff during the Bucs game. Still enough time to get a real Cundiff before the home opener.

Or this ad, which ran at least twice, during both the Bears and Colts games. “Burgundy,” you’ll note, is spelled incorrectly.

I’ve previously noted this one, but Delvin Johnson is most assuredly not a starting left guard.

And then there’s Joe Theismann, eating pizza on-air. I’m not sure what exactly is wrong with this. Besides everything, I mean.

(Via @gmuhoops, @AFITweets, @mrmikeu21, @TailgateTed and @Matt_Terl.)

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