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Posted at 10:31 AM ET, 06/13/2012

Jhonatan Solano gets the silent treatment from Nats

There were many great story lines revealed about Nats rookie catcher Jhonatan Solano on Tuesday night, including the fact that Ian Desmond apparently refers to him as “chicken nugget.”

But the greatest came after Solano cranked his first career home run, ran back to the dugout, slapped five with Davey Johnson, and then was ignored.


Bryce Harper even turned his back on his fellow rookie.

“SILENT TREATMENT!” yowled Bob Carpenter in the MASN booth.

“He’s getting the big-time silent treatment, from everybody, including his manager,” F.P. Santangelo added.

Desmond, on the far left, seemed particularly stone-faced and severe. Puppy-on-its-death-bed stuff. But everyone played along.

Although it seems to me that you can see Gio Gonzalez stifling a grin just from the back of his head. Poor Gio. Not smiling. Must be so tough.

These are men, though, not machines, and so Danny Espinosa and Rick Eckstein couldn’t help but smile after a moment. Desmond is now thinking about diseased bunny rabbits.

And Ryan Zimmerman even busted out a smirk, which for him is the public equivalent of ripping off his shirt and spraying rivers of cherry-flavored whipped cream into the bleachers whilst singing silly songs.

Desmond is contemplating 19th-century proto-nationalism in Central Europe.

Then Zimmerman cackled, as did several coaches. Zimmerman appeared to signal to the crew that it was go-time.

“There they go,” Carpenter said, as the Nats suddenly mobbed Solano.

“That. Was. Awesome,” Santangelo said.

“Well at least they didn’t run up the tunnel,” Carpenter observed. “He hit the ball so hard they didn’t have time.”

“They didn’t,” Santangelo agreed. “That’s good stuff. That’s a team in first place having some fun.”

“That was a good silent treatment,” Santangelo said, as the Nats — including Stephen Strasburg — continued to crack up on the bench. “We’ve got to see that again. Very rarely do you see everybody in on it. Usually there’s somebody that blows it for the rest of them, but you had McCatty, Davey Johnson, Randy Knorr, all the coaches in on it, trainers, players, everybody. That’s good stuff.”


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