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Posted at 11:14 AM ET, 01/28/2008

Jim Rome and Kelli Johnson Updates

Here's the thing about all this Super Bowl stuff; it's hard to get access to the players, but easy to get access to the media. And yet I'd say the average big-name media person here is more celebritified than all but about 7 players in the game (say Brady, Moss, Bruschi, Maroney, Welker, Eli, Strahan, Burress), as measured in who would raise more whispers when walking into the Gatorade "G2" lounge, "a place for media and athletes to learn about the new G2 drink," whose lounge bona-fides are established by its neon sign but slightly undermined by its placement in a bright sterile convention center around the corner from the Starbucks cart.

And so really, no media update is too inane, assuming the same inanity would be written about a less famous Super Bowl player. So, for instance, Comcast SportsyNet's Kelli Johnson was on the same flight to AZ as I was. And Jim Rome checked in for his Super Bowl lanyard right after I did, and really, there's virtually no American ritual more degrading to one's celebrity status than being forced to don a lanyard.

And here were some overheard snippets on the media shuttle to the Convention Center:

* "I mean, a great story is, I don't know how you get to it, this is the Giants' first Super Bowl without Mr. Mara."

* "They want me to do a throw-away story today, so I might write about the Giants' long snapper. You know, his dad was actually the long snapper when the Giants beat the Bills in the Super Bowl."

* "I'm going to try to write about Tom Brady in less than half my stories."

* "You've got to get all your work done on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; otherwise you've got nothing left for the game."

For the record, I hope to live the rest of my life without reading a profile of a Giants long snapper whose father was also a long snapper.

And in perhaps the most thrilling media update, the official media party is tomorrow night at the Corona Rach, featuring entertainment from the Gin Blossoms and audience participation rodeo.

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