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Posted at 02:14 PM ET, 08/18/2011

John Beck: ‘I believe in me’

We still don’t really know what John Beck will look like throwing a football in an actual Redskins game, though Friday should help answer that question. But dang if Beck doesn’t continue to give the most inspirational interviews around.

The quarterback appeared on NFL Network’s Total Access Wednesday evening, and he still has a pretty firm belief in himself.

Like, here’s what he said when asked if he thinks he can win the starting job for week one.

That’s why I’m in it,” Beck said. “I’m in it because I believe in me ,and I believe that I have some things I can bring to the table, and I just want to be the best quarterback that I can be for this football team. I feel like this is a team going in the right direction, a team that has bought in to the philosophies and a team that believes we can achieve. It’s like a giant puzzle and I’m a piece of that puzzle; I just want to be everything I have to be so this puzzle can fit together.”

This puzzle thing is not hardly Beck’s only metaphor. Talking to’s Dan Graziano, Beck went with the sculpture analogy:

“I’m kind of chiseling my way at a sculpture,” Beck told Graziano. “And I know what I want it to look like, and I believe that it will be. I’ve been chiseling away, and there’s still a lot more to chisel away at. And there’s going to be more times where I’m going to stand back and say, ‘Okay, now what do I have to do?’ And then I’m going to walk towards it and chisel away some things and then stand back again. There's still a lot left to do.”

And in his NFL Network appearance, Beck also used a car metaphor when asked what the Shanahans see in him that others have missed.

“That’s a question that they probably have an answer for,” he said. “I just know me and the things that I feel like I can do well. And I believe in myself and I’m just trying to continue that. I kind of look at the past as just kind of obstacles that I had to get through. There were teams that maybe they decided one way or another not to keep me a part of the team or whatnot, but I never took those to heart; I kind of said that’s their decision. It’s just like picking cars; everybody’s got a certain car they like, and just because that car is not the one they picked it doesn’t mean it’s not a good car. So I just try to stay true to what I believe and continue on that.”

Now, you might be wondering what these images are about? Turns out Beck invited Jammal Brown to join him for his NFL Network appearance, because “they always bring a lot of skill players on here, but they forget that there’s a lot of skill on the offensive line.”

So Beck then unhooked his microphone and held it in front of Brown’s mouth while dictating the host’s questions to the tackle. Seriously, is there anything Beck can’t do?

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