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Posted at 04:03 PM ET, 03/17/2009

John Thompson's Pick for UVA Job: Boze

And ESPN980's John Thompson Show continues to lead the area in moments that make reporters pull over to the side of 14th Street during rush hour and start typing while hoping no police cars come by.

"I'm putting it out there," the Coach said a few minutes ago. "Check out Todd Bozeman. That's the one guy that would scare the hell out of everybody, if you say Todd Bozeman is the new coach at Virginia."

"Everybody" here meaning fans, alumni, opposing coaches, opposing players and UVA beat writers, but not necessarily area bloggers. They'd be happy.

"That'd be a helluva good choice," Thompson said. "You go get Todd Bozeman, I guarantee them boys will look up and listen to who you just hired....He'd put the fear of God in most of those guys who are in it. They don't want it....I guarantee it that he'd get that thing going. Well, what do I know?"

Thompson accurately noted that it's a hire that would require "intestinal fortitude" from some UVA decision-makers, because of Bozeman's so-called "checkered past."

"Who doesn't have a checkered past?" Brian Mitchell asked.

Uh. Anyhow, Bozeman had made an appearance on the John Thompson Show right before he was picked for the UVA job by its host, and while he didn't say anything crazy, there was a nice exchange about his team. Take note, ye who have Oklahoma in the Final Four.

"Coach, I think that when we step out on the floor teams are surprised at how big we are," Bozeman said. "Although it might appear that we're sacrificial lambs, we're not thinking like that. We have Baltimore guys. Those guys are gritty. I know [Blake Griffin's] a great player, but we match up with everybody in terms of size. Now obviously not talent-wise, but size-wise we won't be at a disadvantage."

At which point Thompson asked if "gritty" meant "The Wire"-style.

"Hey Coach listen, when you live in Baltimore, that's all part of it," Bozeman said. "They're not afraid of anything. I mean, these are some gritty guys. They're gonna compete, you best believe that."

"They haven't found Omar yet," Thompson said. "I'm still looking for the dude who got Omar....You know what I know about you Todd Bozeman? That you think you can win this damn game, don't you?"

"I'm not afraid to say that," Bozeman said. "You play to win the game. Why participate if you're not trying to win?"

"Good luck son," Thompson said. "I'm proud of you. You deserve everything you've got."

Ok, Mr. Littlepage, your turn, I guess. And someone better a comment from Herm Edwards, too.

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