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Posted at 05:01 PM ET, 09/21/2006

Live From the O's Protest, Part III

The nostalgia train rolls on, with an extended "Sell to Rip-ken" chant, an "El-rod Hen-dricks" chant, a "Da-vey John-son" chant, a "Jo-on Mil-ler" chant, a "Pa-at Gil-lick" chant, an "Ea-rl Wea-ver" chant and several more rousing renditions of "Ed-die, "Ed-die." (I don't believe I've ever heard a chant to a departed general manager before.)

Plus some chants of "Let's Go Ra-vens." Plus the wave. Plus more "Peter Sucks" chants. Plus a "Bye Bye Pe-ter" chant. Plus a half-hearted "Ca-ner-Med-ley" chant. Plus a few Detroit people offering obligatory "Fi-re Mil-len" chants. Plus one guy next to me tried to start a "B.J. Ry-an" chant and a "Bra-dy Ander-son" chant.

Plus some guy just came up to me and showed me a photo of him and The Bird holding a "Free the Birds" sign, together. He promised to e-mail it to me. The Bird, as usual, had that goofy grin, but he was clearly asking to be freed. Once I put that puppy up on the blog, I wouldn't be at all surprised if that particular Bird gets freed, figuratively speaking.

Plus why are these people cheering so much for a game that they're going to vacate in the next 10 minutes? (5:08 ETD.) Well, I guess I know why. It has something to do with Bohemians, and not the artistic sort.

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