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Posted at 12:55 PM ET, 04/06/2010

McNabb wants to meet Obama

This Web site will shortly be filled with quotes from Donovan McNabb. He was an ace throughout his press conference. He was funny, clever, accommodating, impressive, and whatever else. And he made it through without a single gaffe, until the very last question, about living in the D.C. area. It wasn't quite "Maroon and black," but it was in the same area code.

"I mean, I don't know much about the area," he said. "Hopefully I'll get an opportunity to meet Obama.'s about us winning the Super Bowl and presenting him with his jersey. I know I can't just walk up to his door and try to meet him. I won't try that. [Other than that], to learn more about the area. To learn more about the D.C., Virginia, Baltimore area."

Yup. The DMB. Represent, Donovan. Baltimore loves loves loves the Redskins.

(CSN's Kelli Johnson later told him he's now the second-most powerful man in Washington behind Obama.

"He's the most powerful man," McNabb said. "I'm just a guy here who's trying to achieve one goal."

Also, turns out, McNabb has already met Obama. Oh well)

Was that Baltimore bit the most ridiculous part of the press conference? Not even close. The unanimous award for that prize goes to whichever media member asked this:

"Would you consider going into the Hall of Fame as a Redskin?"

I don't even have the words to describe that question. But I love it with all my heart.

(Matt Terl finds the asker of this question and asks him about the question. It was freelancer Dave Kopecki.)

The crowd in Ashburn was filled with celebs: DeAngelo Hall. Carlos Rogers. Mike Sellers. Clinton Portis. Chris Cooley. Dave Donovan. Art Monk. Daniel Snyder. McNabb thanked them all for supporting him, and also thanked Mike Shanahan for picking up the tab for dinner on Monday night.

"Thanks Dan," Shanahan called out.

Despite several chances, McNabb never lashed out at Philly fans, though you could read between the lines during a later interview with CSN's Kelli Johnson.

"The fans out here are outstanding," he said. "They're behind the team, they're passionate, and as players, you just want to provide excitement for them."

As for coming to the Skins, McNabb sort of talked about Super Bowls, plural. That would be nice.

"Through my 11 years, you can't say that I haven't accomplished a lot," he said. "There's one thing that I didn't accomplish, and I look to hopefully accomplish it here in Washington, and that's winning a Super Bowl. If that happens, that's outstanding, but I'll be looking to try to win another one."

And McNabb repeatedly talked about something he could bring down to the Redskins from the Eagles, the feeling that "When we step out on this field, no one can stop us."

"It's about winning," McNabb said. "Hopefully I can bring a little bit of winning attitude."

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