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Posted at 05:44 PM ET, 10/11/2006

Money Mike Sawyer on the Fight That Wasn't

Remember Money Mike Sawyer? The Northern Virginia middleweight with lots of enthusiastic talk about his boxing career and other stuff?

Well, the fight that we had been plugging was scheduled for last Saturday night, and it never happened. The card at the Patriot Center was running late, and due to time restrictions Money Mike's bout was called off. Gut punch.

"Can you believe that [bleep]?" Money Mike said when I called him to discuss. "I was ready to fight man, I was ready to go four hard rounds. I was in shape--I don't want to say I was in the best shape I was ever in--but I was ready to roll. I'm sitting back there with my gloves on, warming up, ready to go out there and fight: Canceled. Pretty [bleeping] lame, huh?"

I'll say. Money Mike bears no ill will towards anyone; neither the promoters nor the publicists nor the Patriot Center people nor anyone else. That's just the way this game goes, he said. He found out about the cancellation a few moments before the crowd found out, and he rushed out of the locker room and went to greet his family and friends, to show them that he was ready to fight. And then?

"I went out and got wasted, man," he said. "Just stayed up drinking until about 6 in the morning."

The next day he allowed himself to wallow, eating two large pizzas, drinking a two-liter bottle of Coke and watching multiple Highlander movies, plus the Redskins game, "but they were [bleeping] me off so I shut that off halfway through the third quarter when I realized Brunell wasn't going to make any completions," Money Mike said. "What's the deal with him, anyway? I'd think Gibbs would have that straightened out by now. I'm a diehard Skins fan, and whatever happens I'm going to support Joe Gibbs and the team, but damn, man. Pretty disappointing."

But Money Mike isn't the sort to let two bits of bad news keep him down. This week he'll cut loose a little bit--"if I don't get a week's break and hit some happy hours and do some socializing, I'd be a miserable [bleep]," he said, and then he's back into it, training for a Nov. 18 fight at the ABC Sports Complex in Springfield. He's said he's scheduled to fight Patrick Bozeman, and he promised that if I attend the fight, he'll "beat the [bleep] out of this dude and maybe get a little spray of blood your way." Which, you know, is an offer that's hard to refuse.

(Also, Money Mike wanted to send a shout-out to his buddy "Sparkplug" Tommy Neal, who was in a forklift accident recently.

"I want to wish him a speedy recovery, and tell him I'm gonna knock someone out for him," Money Mike said.)

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