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Posted at 09:04 AM ET, 08/17/2009

Morning Bog: About That Skins Twitter Ban

It's often said that readers don't care about reporters' job complaints, so I'll keep this brief. The Redskins, like a bunch of NFL teams, announced over the weekend that Twittering from practice is no longer allowed. No, this isn't a big deal, but it affects my job, so here are the reasons I think this is dumb.

1) We can still walk up the hill and into the media room and post the exact same information on our blogs, so what's the point?

2) If opponents are getting a competitive advantage from getting a six-minute jump on things readily obvious to the media in the first 10 minutes of a mid-week practice, you're probably in trouble to begin with.

3) Exempting the house media organs from the rules will just add to the perception that the organization is obsessed with controlling the message.

4) When an organization spends much of its time telling the local media "No, nope, nah, don't think so," a certain relationship is established that probably doesn't help anyone in the long-term. Other local teams have taken a different approach.

But whatever. Since we have to be out of sight even to field phone calls, this should help preserve our battery power, which is something. More morning links.

* Since the Fourth of July, the Nats have a better record than the Dodgers. (The Hardball Times)

* One man provides six reasons not to give the GM job to Mike Rizzo. (Past a Diving Vidro)

* Rob Dibble to Strasburg: "Kid, if you want Respect you have to earn it, if you want to be hated as much as your agent Scott Boras, hold out and go pitch in independent league baseball." (MASN)

* Adam Dunn's wife says he's been recognized while out and about once this season, and Wil Nieve's wife says he still gets recognized more in New York. (WaPo wives story)

* Presenting, the NatMobile. Pretty snazzy. Could be used to transport Boras cash. (Biz of Baseball)

* A blogger gets to interview LeBron James and friends. (Gheorghe: The Blog)

* Gilbert at Barry Farms highlight:

Arenas took the court to a warm reception, and rode off in his black Ferrari to even more grateful response. (A big reason for this had a lot to do with his taking time for anyone -- adult or child who requested a photo or autograph -- while James earlier in the day while in town for his Nike Tour refused to shake hands with fans or sign autographs, something that was repeatedly pointed out by Goodman League commissioner Miles Rawls).

(Outlet; see also, Wiz Insider)

* The Caps launch a new home page. (

Best D.C. Sports Tweets of the Past 24 Hours

Mike Miller: Flying to DC tomorrow to move into my apartment. It overlooks the capital. Fergie and Coach are flying out to help out.

Chase Daniel: Happy birthday to Colt Brennan...first Jessica Simpson & now a birthday...what a lucky guy

Jon Heyman: i'll be surprised if stephen strasburg is a washington national by the midnight deadline tonight.

(Never having talked to a source about this in my life, disagree, disagree, disagree. 85 percent yes.)

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