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Posted at 07:56 AM ET, 06/25/2009

Morning Bog: Marketing D.C.'s "Unbearable Heat"

Some morning links, lovingly gathered by Max Wasserman and Jake DiGregorio....

The Legg Mason Tennis Classic is going with the "brutal honesty" approach to marketing its event; the commercial for this year's tournament includes "unbearable heat" as a selling point. Seriously. The Redskins need one of these commercials with "Mind-Destroying Traffic" and "Soul-Crushing Commercialism" as the big draws. (YouTube)

Two of the Wizards most hated opposing players of the last few years will join forces in the 2009-10 season. With LeBron James and Shaquille O'Neal, the Cavaliers are now officially the Legion of Doom. (Yahoo!)

Kelly Dwyer likes the Wizards trade, kinda: "They're refusing reality. And if you're going to refuse reality, well, might as well have some fun with it." (Ball Don't Lie)

Sean Deveney likes the Wizards trade, a lot, saying they now have "the deepest roster in the Eastern Conference." (The Baseline)

And a dissenting view: "Getting rid of Thomas and Songailia's admittedly bad deals is like using a dixie cup to stop the flooding in a rowboat." (Player Hater's Ball)

Cakes from the Junkies loves the trade and says "don't listen to all the haters." That's you, Chase. (Junkies blog)

The Wizznutzz unveil the concept for their new Randy Foye t-shirt, which is possibly the best t-shirt concept of all time. (Wizznutzz)

Elijah Dukes nearly impales Nick Green with his bat. (Big League Stew)

Ted Leonsis was paying attention at the Nats game. Jake Gyllenhaal wasn't. (Simply Sensational)

A Nats fan (and Bog commenter) directs Red Sox fans to D.C.'s favorite Western-themed gay bar by describing it as a Boston sports hangout. Funny, offensive, or both? (MLB forums)

The Nats dunk tank (to raise money for charity) listed four potential rivals for D.C. baseball fans, three of which are in the AL. Great concept, in any case. (Twitpic via @lpags03)

A suggestion that maybe the DH DL should be used in this particular inter-league series, if you get his drift. (The Nationals Enquirer)

The team's 10 millionth fan entered the park last night, and he was a Nats season-ticket holder. That's called beating the odds. (

Naturally, David Ortiz's road to recovery paved a street right through Washington. (FanHouse)

Chad Ochocinco has called out former Maryland standout Shawne Merriman via tweets. Merriman responded by saying he's going to "wring [his] neck." Ocho responded with "Child Please." Bengals at Chargers, Dec. 20th. (Shutdown Corner, Pro Football Talk)

Chris Cooley edges Clinton Portis for the NFL's funniest player of the decade. (The Beast)

Bankrupted Six Flags signs a deal with bankrupted Chrysler. (Cheap Seats Daily)

The Redskins new secret weapon against Martellus Bennett and the Cowboys??? Three words: Cap 'N Crunch. (KSK)

George Mason announces its 2009 men's basketball non-conference schedule, which includes home games against Dayton and Creighton and a spot in the Puerto Rico Tip-Off with Georgia Tech and Villanova (and Dayton again). (George Mason Basketball)

If the Penguins had to suffer through this, then maybe not winning the Stanley Cup wasn't so bad. It involves Yanni. (YouTube)

A plea for Northern Virginians to prop up the local teams. (Stet Sports Blog)

Blake Griffin knocks a few more pounds off of Jared Fogle. (Juiced Sports Blog)

Manny Ramirez may have looked like an Isotope, but everyone knew he was still a Dodger. "Today, a shamed drug offender is basking in the national attention and adulation created by the same people who shamed him." (Bill Plaschke)

Best of D.C. Sports Tweets Over the Past 24 Hours

Javaris Crittenton: Put up 700 shots 2day. Repetition+confidence. About 2 head 2 this Beyonce concert at the arena with my cousin, Gil, and the homies.

Mike James: The poor desire riches, The rich desire heavens, The wise desire tranquility.

Drew Storen: On the bus to lake county. Valkrye is the movie of choice on the bus, I think I'm going to choose sleep. (/rip on Daniel Snyder?)

Mike Wise: I know it's crazy, but I'm calling U.S. over Brazil in the Federations Cup final. And you thought Clint Dempsey was done.


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