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Posted at 11:49 AM ET, 12/21/2006

Non-Live Tommy Soehn Blog

I take it back. I'm not live blogging the event. Other than a huge mound of free cookies and a rare out-of-costume Judah Claus sighting, there wasn't really much to live blog about.

Oh, I did learn that no one in the world reads my blog. In fact, you're not reading this right now. All the gathered media people were talking excitedly about the Joe Gibbs Online story in today's WashTimes, something I've been writing about since roughly 1927.

The key point is, I'm heading to a DCU players' training session where hopefully more interesting things will happen than at the press conference introducing Tom Soehn as D.C. United's new coach, where my only unique observation was this: technical director Dave Kasper, assistant coach Mark Simpson and new coach Tommy Soehn were all in the official D.C. United suit, with black and red diagonally-striped ties. President Kevin Payne instead went with the different-toned pants and jacket and the orange tie with little blobs. Weird.

Oh, and regarding Soehn, Kasper/Payne learned of Nowak's decision to leave last week, they thought "Tommy" right away, they were going to make a significant offer to keep him even if Peter had left, so they took the weekend to make sure they were sure about everything and then came to a final decision on Monday without interviewing any outside candidates, Peter's decision had a lot to do with family concerns and all the assembled parties respect that, Tommy has been involved with every major decision including the Freddy trade, so that wouldn't have gone down any differently, Kevin Payne expects Tommy to lead the club to "new high points, new championships and new glory," Dave Kasper thinks Tommy is a good "man manager" among many other things, Tommy believes this to be "the opportunity of a lifetime," he said some communication lines and training structures might be different but the philosophy will not change much, he said "We make the game beautiful, that's going to continue," he said he's a workaholic, he believes D.C. to have the best fans in the league, he doesn't want to talk about why last year ended poorly, he doesn't know whether he'll give starters more rest than Peter did, he doesn't want to comment on how close he came to leaving but he did say that "my first goal was to stay here, working for the best organization in the league," he'll said remain friends with Peter for life and they've left each other on the best possible terms, he said there are "going to be exciting acquisitions" before this offseason ends but he can't specify at this time, he believes his German parents and Euro-flavored childhood allow him to deal with American and Euro players in a unique way, and in terms of major differences between he and Nowak, "I'm a lot taller," Tommy said.

Those were the major points, anyhow.

Oh, and as I was pulling out of the RFK parking lot in my rush to get to this players' training session before it ends, the toll-booth barrier thing crashed down on the roof of my car. That was cool.

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