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Posted at 12:01 PM ET, 10/30/2006

On MLS Pumpkins

Before I get to the United game, lemme say this about the play in today's Sports section. Now I don't even read the paper copy of the paper much any more, but early this morning I received a phone call from a friend, wondering why in the world a non-monetary, fairly slow Marine Corps Marathon win by an obscure guy from Mexico would take top billing on the front of the sports section over a dramatic series win by D.C. United, an event that was on national television and that brought DCU within two wins of a fifth MLS championship.

The argument for the Marathon story, I guess, is that more than 30,000 people participated in the race, and that they, and all their tens of thousands of family members and friends, would be interested in reading a play-by-play about their event. Which I suppose may be true, but I just can't imagine the front-of-the-pack exploits of extremely non-famous out-of-towners have that many readers.

And I was ready to lecture the world about this injustice, but if you stare at our "most viewed articles" link, as I so often do, you'll note that Mike Wise's Gilbert story, not surprisingly, bests both the Marathon and DCU in readership, as does a story about the Cowboys' win and a day-old story about the Redskins' woes. I've often wondered whether the Cowboys have the most passionate following among D.C. sports fans, after the Redskins. Wouldn't surprise me. Maybe I should embrace Cowboys fans instead of DCU and the Caps.

(I would ask for your opinions on the front-page play, except I fully realize that 90 percent of my readers are from the United fan clubs, so that wouldn't really be fair. But if you want to write in support of the Marathon, or the Cowboys, feel free.)

Anyhow, observations from last night's United game will continue throughout the day, or at least until someone tells me to start writing about something else. And in the meantime, check out the amazing Mike Terry-produced DCU pumpkins, featuring the likenesses of Marco Etcheverry and Christian Gomez (and also DCU super fan Duffman's mom), which were featured at yesterday's Barra Brava tailgate that raised thousands of dollars for breast cancer research, including $2,000 on a bid for a date at Clyde's with Bobby Boswell, who barely earns $2,000 a month.

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