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Posted at 02:10 PM ET, 10/30/2006

Pittsburgh: First on Our Backs

Remember when I pointed out that Sidney Crosby was No. 1 in NHL uniform sales last year, and that the Steelers had three of the top seven players in NFL uniform sales, and that Pittsburghers clearly must have excessive amounts of disposable income? And when Pittsburghers wrote in to say this:

We're only allowed to wear jerseys on casual Fridays, Mondays after wins, when the Steelers are on MNF and random Thursday openers....and training camp and the Friday before draft day.

and this:

I'm from Pittsburgh, and can honestly say that the money used to buy a Stillers jersey falls under a necessary expense, like rent and food and Iron City, and not disposable income.

Well, I just got an e-mail from an NHL PR person, who is enabling my borderline obsessive love for statistics on uniform sales. Check out's top 5 player t-shirt sales since Oct. 18:

1. E. Malkin
2. S. Crosby
3. R. Miller
4. C. Drury
5. A. Ovechkin

From which we learn that the Sabres bandwagon is filling up, and that Pittsburghers are going way above and beyond their normal t-shirt buying responsibilities. T-shirts, I'll grant you, are a little bit lame, but here are the Web site's top 5 in uniform sales:

1. R. Miller
2. S. Crosby
3. M. Afinogenov
4. E. Malkin
5. A. Ovechkin

I mean, it's all Pittsburgh all the time on these lists. I'll betcha if national Halloween marketers released a sales list of their top 5 costume mustaches, Bill Cowher would be No. 2, Dave Wannstedt would be No. 4 and Sid Bream would be No. 5.

(Remember this glorious moment from the April 27 NFL Europe Diary by Charles Missant?

Our team has established an identity, specifically by growing mustaches. Led by the ringleader Dave Kimball (Oakland) who started it all off, I think there are about eight or nine guys now that have grown a mustache. It's just something we did to have a little fun and make the days go by faster. It's really turned into quite a big deal. NFL Network mentioned it during a recent game, calling us the 'mustache posse'. I played against a guy in high school that had a mustache, and I firmly believe in the intimidation factor of the mustache. When you lock eyes with your opponent and he sees that you have a mustache, I think it strikes fear into his eyes.

Yeah. Fear.)

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