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Posted at 01:30 PM ET, 04/03/2007

Polo Q&A With Jim Moran

Since this didn't fit into the last polo item, lemme include a pretty accurate transcript of my polo-related Q&A with Congressman Jim Moran, which has to be the longest polo interview Moran has ever conducted. Seriously, I publicly wonder why I don't get more comments on this blog, and then I do polo-related Q&A with Northern Virginia congressmen. Go figure.

Bog: How did you get involved with this?

JM: Well I thought it might be a lot of fun. I'm not actually a polo type, I grew up on the other side of the tracks, football, and things that don't require so much skill nor money, so....

Bog: See, I was going to ask you, how often do you play polo in a typical week?

JM: I don't. I don't play polo. How often do you play polo? You have to buy horses, I couldn't afford the lessons let alone the horses.

Bog: Do you, like, know the rules? I mean, I certainly don't....

JM: No, but apparently it has existed throughout civilization. I think at the very beginning of civilization they were actually skulls with sticks, and I think they refined it a little bit....

Bog: Really????

JM: They made the skulls from the conquering tribes. I've seen it. I mean, I've seen pictures, I didn't see it, you know, but I've seen pictures.

Bog: Do you know who'll actually be favored here?

JM: The English. I mean, they've been actually doing this for about 2,000 more years than we have. No, but they've done it for generations. As you may have noticed, we didn't come over here until 1607, and we certainly didn't bring our polo team with us.

Bog: So you're more of a football guy.

JM: Yeah.

Bog: Do you know who the Joe Gibbs is of the polo world?

JM: Well, I assume it's this guy Muldoon and this guy Julian Hipwood. I'm just sort of guessing. I mean, they don't have trading cards or anything that you can memorize the numbers, and ESPN doesn't have any polo show....

Bog: That's what I was wondering, I mean, if SportsCenter would show a little more polo highlights, then maybe I could....

JM: I listen to "Rome is Burning," but he never brings you up to date on what's going on in the polo field. I don't know, he doesn't seem like much of a polo type himself....He's a hoot. But none of the guys that I listen to, I can't really picture....Who's the guy who used to play for the Baltimore Colts that does the color on the sidelines for the football games?

Bog: Oh, uh, Siragusa?

JM: Yeah, he doesn't strike me as a polo type either.

Bog: Baltimore Ravens.

JM: That's right.

Bog: So are you going to go to the game, or match, or....

JM: I am, I am. I'm up in New York, and Tareq Salahi and Michaele Salahi, they've actually got a Coast Guard helicopter. I told them, I begged off because I don't know polo, I said I'm going to be up in New York, they said we'll get a Coast Guard helicopter to bring you down to the field from New York. So I mean you can't say no to something like that, so I guess it'll be a lot of fun, a blast. Good eats, too. They're very good, and lots of wine and tequila. I assume you guys are going to be there, huh? For those who can't see, the [Comcast SportsyNet] guy is laughing heartily behind the camera, he can't wait.

Littles: I'm waiting for the tequila tasting.

JM: I know, I am too. I'm just kind of filibustering here until they serve the tequila.

So, on to the Casa Noble tasting. There were three kinds: Blanco ($50 a bottle), Reposado ($60) and Anejo ($90). Littles and I sampled the Anejo, which is aged for five years and is said to have the complex flavor of a Cognac. I sipped it, as instructed. Littles downed it, like a shot. "I'd definitely have more," he said. May 12 at historic Morven Park, he'll get his chance.

Incidentally, Mike Wise, I believe, is a big Journey fan, so I'm guessing the Sports section might have a columnist at the America's Cup of Polo. At least one, anyhow.

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