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Posted at 11:47 AM ET, 07/28/2011

Redskins resume selling season tickets

The end of the lockout meant a resumption of sales efforts from the Redskins ticket office. It also meant a whole bunch of people sending me their somewhat strange waiting list stories. A brief rundown.

And I know a certain (large) portion of you think I harp on all of this too much. It just seems to me when you remove 10,000 general admission seats from your stadium, and your GM says “we’re proud of our season ticket waiting list,” and yet even with a dramatically reduced supply you’re now apparently offering general admission tickets to people who have never expressed interest in buying seats....something seems off.

Anyhow, the stories. Ball Hogs Radio has more.

This was sent to Reader Ryan. I asked when he signed up for the wait list.

“That’s the thing,” he replied. “I’ve never signed up. I’ve never bought tickets directly or inquired about season tix. I’ve order merch from them and gave an email that way. So I found it funny I got this.”

I agree that it’s funny. Also that there’s an incentive to get people who are waiting on a list for tickets to actually buy those tickets they’re waiting for.

This is a different Ryan, and a different e-mail. He wrote back to the Redskins, asking what sorts of tickets were available.

“Ryan, I do have some availability in 426, rows 22 and higher,” was the response. “Seats are being sold at a rapid rate, so seat locations here are very fluid.”

This is yet another variation of the e-mail, sent to Reader Mike. He actually got two e-mails from the ticket office this week.

“The first, was addressed to me, as a fan who hasn’t renewed their season tickets (this is about the 5th e-mail in addition to the 4+ phone calls),” Mike wrote me. “The second, was to my daughter, who I put on the ‘waitlist’ some years ago.”

You’ll note that the ticket office is attempting to lure Mike back with stadium improvements, including a lower-level sports bar and less parking congestion.

This is from longtime reader Josh. I asked when he signed up for the list.

“I don’t have an exact date but it was probably just over a year” ago, he replied.

If so, that’s not a very long wait.

This is from Reader John. I asked him the same question.

“I don't have an exact date of sign up, but I believe it was late fall of 2006,” he wrote back. Oddly enough, I signed up around the same time, and have yet to receive such an offer.

Then there were the reports of the phone calls. It’s all very, very interesting.

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