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Posted at 02:08 PM ET, 11/08/2006

Should the Maryland-Miami Game Be Postponed?

Since my editor has asked me to pose this question to my readers, I'm hereby posing it. (I know who signs the checks around here.) The issue is whether a Miami team that has just had a player killed in an apparent homicide should be expected to play a football game four days later. A certain loud sports talk radio person this morning was ranting about how if it were a coach that was murdered, the game would definitely be postponed, and if it were a starting QB, the game would probably be postponed. Whether that's true, I don't know, but it's an interesting point. If this happens to a reserve, is it as big of a deal? What about a walk-on who never plays? What about an equipment manager? Or a PR person?

I have no idea where the line is or how to draw it, I have no idea what the Miami players think, and I have no idea what will or should happen. I certainly wouldn't be morally offended if the game went on. If I got hit by a bus tomorrow, the sport section would still be published, a certain space on page 2 would be filled with something else, a certain New Republic writer still wouldn't like the section and I'd be okay with all of that. But I can also see where, even if it's just for appearances, you might want to delay the game somehow.

And here's where I say, what do you think??

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