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Posted at 04:14 PM ET, 06/07/2010

SI's 10 greatest moments in D.C. sports history just posted the 10 greatest moments in D.C. sports history. I fully encourage the posting of silly lists to generate page views and Internet debate. It's the height of Monday afternoon sports Internet perfection. But this is possibly the worst list I've ever seen, on any topic, in any venue. Here it is.

10. 1996 MLS Cup (although the headline says 2006 MLS Cup, but that's not what they meant)

9. Gilbert Arenas's 2006 buzzer beaters

8. Alex Ovechkin scores "The Goal"

7. 1972 NFC championship game (starring "Billy Kramer")

6. 2001 NBA All-Star Game

5. Michael Jordan returns as a player

4. 2005 Opening Day for the Nats

3. 1983 NFC Championship Game

2. 1942 NFL Championship Game

1. 1924 World Series

So, among other issues, half of these happened in the past decade, which was one of the most brutal decades for D.C. sports fans.

(UPDATE: The list has been modified since I wrote this. It's much better now. George Mason's Final Four-clinching win, the Bullets' championship parade and the 1984 NFC title game have been added. Michael Jordan, MLS Cup and Ovechkin's Goal have been deleted.)

Also, none of these involve college or high school basketball, one of the area's greatest passions. Like, Georgetown's national championship might have been more significant than some regular-season Gilbert Arenas buzzer beaters.

Then there are these things called "Super Bowls" which some D.C. sports fans enjoyed. The Redskins, as I recall, won three of them. Maybe they were a slightly bigger deal than the 2001 NBA All-Star game.

Also, it occurs to me that the Bullets won a world championship. I love D.C. United and all, but I don't recall the parade down Pennsylvania Avenue after the 1996 MLS Cup.

I mean, this is really like clubbing baby seals, but I couldn't help but notice. And before all you SB Nation and Mister Irrelevant writers start composing your own list of the 10 greatest moments in D.C. sports, I call dibs on that post.

(In fairness to SI, the list is supposed to be made up of "the top sports moments to happen within the city itself, including neutral-site matchups such as college bowl games, super bowls, NCAA Tournaments, etc." But in fairness to me, the 1996 MLS Cup wasn't played in D.C., and The Goal was scored in Phoenix.

Also, how about George Mason beating U-Conn. in the Verizon Center? Or the opening of Nats Park? Or the 1992 and 1988 NFC title games? Or the World Cup? Bah, whatever.)

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