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Posted at 02:51 PM ET, 08/14/2007

SportsTalk Throwdown

You know that old, now-useless adage about never picking fights with people who buy ink by the barrel? Well, change it to never pick fights with people whose parents' employers buy wattage by the....watt, I guess.

After Mike Wilbon crushed the Ball State folks this AM over the Ronny Thompson fiasco, Father John took up the baton this afternoon, having his son's lawyer on his WTEM show so he could press him with tough questions like, did "your client" act appropriately? "Your client?" And so he could describe Ball State's security force as "basically people who carry flashlights." And so his cohort, Brian Mitchell, could essentially say the Ball State president was unworthy of her position.

Fair is fair, I guess, since the Muncie paper continues to shred Thompson. Here's what the beat writer had to say after the new hire was made:

The Cardinals didn't go for the glitz and glamour of a "name" hire like they did a year ago. Instead, they chose a man who doesn't think the universe revolves around him and is eager to correct what is wrong with the program.

And here's the hometown paper's staff editorial from late last week:

By hiring Billy Taylor to run its basketball program, Ball State University appears to have found a way to make the community forget the disasters wrought by previous coach Ronny Thompson. Taylor seems to be everything that Thompson wasn't -- genuine, humble, engaging and most of all, willing to reach out to others for help and support.

Sounds like they have a balanced view of the situation. So I guess if you need to turn to other media outlets to get your side across, you might as well turn to your father's radio show. Still, "your client?"

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