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Posted at 05:11 PM ET, 09/14/2006

The Mountaineer Weighs in on Gunston

On our way into the stadium we ran into The Mountaineer, senior Brady Campbell, a wood science technology major (really) with a coonskin cap, a musket and a very impressive beard that he started growing last winter, in the run-up to Mountaineer tryouts.

Naturally, this chance encounter made me think of Gunston, so we stopped The Mountaineer for a chat. I started by asking whether he preferred human-based mascots or fuzzy characters.

"I definitely like human characters better," he said. "When I'm down here at the game and I start yelling at the crowd, I mean, you can tell that I make a difference. I start yelling at these guys, you know, "GET UP, GET LOUD!" Like last week, Eastern Washington almost scored, got down there inside the 5-yard line, a whole set of downs, because we had pass interference in the end zone. And twice they had delays-of-game because the crowd was just going so crazy. I was down there just going crazy as well; I was definitely pumping them up."

"And the furry mascots don't do that as well?" I asked.

"No, because all they can do is dance around and stuff," he said. "I mean, they can sit there and go like this [raising arms], but I'm actually yelling at people: 'GET UP!' Also, I'm a better ambassador for the school. I go around and talk to tour groups, and I can do interviews and things like that, whereas the [furries] can't."

"Some George Mason alumni," I told him, "would prefer an actual human Patriot, with a tri-cornered hat and stuff."

"I think that'd be great," The Mountaineer said. "He could pump them up; he could talk, and represent the school as an ambassador."

He paused.

"They could have two, you know," he said, potentially producing Peace in Our Time. "Tennessee has Smokey the Dog, plus a mascot. That'd be fine."

Then The Mountaineer showed us his musket, and his somewhat controversial Gatorade pouch, and his sweat stains, and then he went to get ready for the game.

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