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Posted at 10:12 AM ET, 08/27/2007

The Oddsmakers' Top 25 College Football Poll

If you've been religiously reading this space for the last year (hi dad!), you remember that I finagled untold numbers of easy posts by endlessly quoting the Oddsmakers Top 25 College Football Poll last fall. The Oddsmakers Poll is published by Las Vegas Sports Consultants, which advises Nevada sports books on betting lines. The Poll is a composite of their expert rankings, which are used to formulate the firm's recommended lines. In other words, No. 14 on this list would be favored on a neutral field against No. 15, which, we can all agree, is the best way to decide the BCS standings, and is also the most perfect expression of human reason since the appointment of Alberto Gonzales.

The problem is, romantics like Brian Cook at the mgoblog get all upset when teams with many losses are still beloved by Vegas. That's why the Vegas preseason Oddsmakers Top 25 Poll* is the most beautiful expression of perfect reason that we will see for the next 12 months. So enjoy it now. The summary: the AP overvalues the Big Ten and SEC (especially Georgia and Tennessee), and undervalues the Pac-10 and Big 12. The full rankings, with faulty AP poll rankings are in parentheses, after the jump.

1. Southern Cal (1)
2. LSU (2)
3. Texas (4)
4. Louisville (10)
5. Oklahoma (8)
6. Florida (6)
7. California (12)
8. West Virginia (3)
9. UCLA (14)
10. Wisconsin (7)
11. Michigan (5)
12. Ohio State (11)
13. Virginia Tech (9)
14. Nebraska (20)
15. Miami (31)
16. South Carolina (30)
17. Georgia Tech (27)
18. Penn State (17)
19. Arkansas (21)
20. Florida State (19)
21. Texas Christian (22)
22. Oregon (29)
23. Missouri (26)
24. Rutgers (16)
25. Hawaii (23)
26. Tennessee (15)
27. Georgia (13)
28. Arizona State (36)
29. Texas A&M (25)
30. Oklahoma State (42)

Unranked by Vegas: Auburn (18th in AP), Boise State (24th).

* The fact that there are 30 teams in the Vegas Top 25 Poll should be held against neither me nor the Poll's creators, nor should it be used to argue that this is anything other than perfect rationality.

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