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Posted at 12:47 PM ET, 05/19/2008

The Sky Was Filled With Beer

My last Preakness Infield post of the year, and first, a few notes:

1) Why write a blog post about Beer-Can Volleyball when you can post the video? And yeah, this is what journalism has come to in May of 2008: finding the center of the beer-throwing mob at the Preakness Infield, hoisting a Canon PowerShot blindly into the air, and pressing record.

2) Every time I attempted to interview someone, profanity rapidly ensued. I, in fact, was called a [Schrute]Bag, merely for attempting to capture footage of beer-can volleyball for posterity.

3) I also wrote a story on the PETA protests Saturday, which required me to ask Preakness attendees about horse death. The mood in the infield was willful ignorance of any larger societal issues.

"People in here, nobody cares," said Greg Puccio, when I asked about the death of Eight Belles. "Everybody here is too drunk to care about that horse."

"I'm not here to watch the horse racing, I'm here to get drunk and see some pretty ladies," added Raymond Crouse of Baltimore.

And, as an admitted vegetarian and someone probably not well-suited to an objective look at animal-rights causes, I found these "too drunk to care" chaps a lot more acceptable than the "that's just racing" crowd in the grandstand, who deemed the current level of horse-death a sad-but-inevitable part of the "Sport of Kings." If I could editorialize for one second: Barf.

Anyhow, see video of Port-a-Racing here, and see my bad raw footage here, and see jello wrestling and ritualized violence here, and look below for my tamer highlights.

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