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Posted at 08:37 AM ET, 05/11/2007

This Morning in Bog

Stan Kasten responds, at length, to the charges of being cheap, spurred on by that FoxSports four-part series. Get ready for a summer of such stories. Best quote: ""They'll probably call you cheap bastards," Kasten says he told the Lerners, pre-restructuring. Manny Acta, meantime, is all power-of-positive-thinking, declining to overturn the postgame spread, which would be entertaining, at least. In the meantime, we're left with Nats players covering each other in baby powder.

Also worth noting: Ted Leonsis gets on Tom Boswell for getting on the Nats' leadership. Writes Ted: "They are now 100 days into it this season and already the Washington Post is all over them with constant articles about how bad this year's team could be and what it will mean for the team and its fan base." I wonder if there's some subtext to this belief that the Washington Post should have patience as a local team rebuilds?

Joe Gibbs expresses "surprise and dismay" that two players are MIA for OTAs. Shawn Springs promises he'll arrive at some point, and Sean Taylor, who knows. Gibbs on Springs: "Up to two weeks ago we thought we were in real good shape with him. Then all of a sudden we lost contact." Bad cell phone service in Ashburn, presumably. And because it's May, let's rejoice at the descriptions of Jason Campbell as "perfect," "wonderful," "more confident" and "light years ahead." And Hogs Haven wonders if the 'Skins aren't due for a legal issue of some kind.

Gilbert is named second-team all-NBA, and yet we're treated to bland Gilbert quotes. You can always tell which Gilbert quotes are "issued in a statement released through the team;" those are the ones that sound like they were written by a PR person, and include honorifics for his teammates. For actual Gilbert, read his blog, which was updated yesterday.

Also, it's the time for college lax playoff previews. G'town defender Jerry Lambe is the son of a Mets front-office type, and doesn't know what poached eggs are. Maryland has a whole bunch of brothers. Loyola finally gets ready for the postseason after a five-year absence. A Navy defender compares his defense to ancient Sparta, I think.

East Coast Bias offers Preakness advice, including this: your stuff will get broken. I plan on having my spirit broken, anyhow.

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