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Posted at 03:19 PM ET, 09/24/2007

This Week's Vegas Oddsmakers' Top 25

All those people complaining about Clemson's low ranking last week? Vegas is listening. Vegas loves you. The Tigers soared from 25th to 17th. Vegas will also comp you to the buffet, if you post enough comments below. In the grand tradition of Vegas, it is slow to discard its favorites (BYU, Florida State, Georgia Tech, UCLA).

Biggest frauds, according to Vegas: Kentucky and Hawaii are ranked seven spots too high by the AP. South Florida and Alabama are ranked five spots too high.

Biggest sleepers, according to Vegas: Florida State is ranked 10 spots too low by the AP. Arizona State is ranked eight spots too low. Penn State and UCLA are ranked seven spots too low. Purdue is ranked six spots too low. BYU and Georgia Tech should not be ignored.

Vegas looked smart when: Louisville--Vegas's most overhyped team last week--lost at home to Syracuse. Texas A&M--Vegas's third-most overhyped team last week--got crushed at Miami. UCLA rebounded nicely with a comfortable win over Washington, as Vegas expected.

Vegas looked dumb when: Clemson--Vegas's second-most overhyped team last week--won in a rout on the road. Kentucky, which Vegas said was overvalued, won at Arkansas, which Vegas said was undervalued. Georgia Tech, another team Vegas said was undervalued, lost at Virginia (gack).

Games to watch: West Virginia at South Florida; Vegas likes WVU more than the AP, and likes South Florida less. Cal is at Oregon; the AP has Cal ranked higher, and Vegas has Oregon ranked higher. Clemson is at Georgia Tech; we all know how Vegas feels about Clemson and Georgia Tech.

Numbers after the jump. AP rankings in parentheses.

1. Southern Cal (1)
2. LSU (2)
3. Oklahoma (3)
4. West Virginia (5)
5. Florida (4)
6. Ohio State (8)
7. Texas (7)
8. Oregon (11)
9. California (6)
10. Wisconsin (9)
11. South Carolina (16)
12. Boston College (12)
13. Rutgers (10)
14. Penn State (21)
15t. Arizona State (23)
15t. Missouri (20)
17. Clemson (13)
18. Virginia Tech (17)
19. Georgia (15)
20. Purdue (26)
21. Kentucky (14)
22. UCLA (29)
23. South Florida (18)
24. Florida State (34)
25. Nebraska (25)
26. Hawaii (19)
27. Alabama (22)
28. Brigham Young (--)
29. Michigan (30t)
30. Georgia Tech (--)

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