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Posted at 10:43 AM ET, 11/27/2006

This Week's Vegas Oddsmakers' Top 25


1) Texas could go 0-12 and Vegas would still keep them in the top 10.

2) Ditto with Oregon.

3) In fact, for whatever reason, Vegas seems particularly attached to the Pac-10, with Cal, Oregon and Arizona State all faring much better with the oddsmakers than with the human pollsters. And don't try to tell me this is because West Coast bettors flock to Vegas, because like I've said, these are preliminary rankings that are not based on attracting action, merely on the teams' on-field attributes.

4) Give Vegas credit for jumping on the BYU and Hawaii bandwagons well before the human pollsters, who are now slowly getting on-board. (And yes, I keep implying that Vegas oddsmakers are not "human," and are instead evil cyborgs intent on creating as many pushes as possible.)

5) Vegas's year-long attachment to two-loss LSU looks less and less silly every week.

6) Vegas to the SEC: You might be the toughest conference in the country (five teams in top 20), but that doesn't necessarily mean that you have the second-best team in the country. Mull on that, Urban. We have consensus, and you're not in it.

BCS rankings in parentheses:

1. Ohio State (1)
2. Southern Cal (2)
3. Michigan (3)
4. LSU (5)
5. Louisville (6)
6. Oklahoma (12)
7t. California (18)
7t. Florida (4)
7t. Texas (19)
10. Notre Dame (10)
11t. Wisconsin (7)
11t. West Virginia (15)
13. BYU (21)
14. Arkansas (9)
15. Virginia Tech (14)
16. Nebraska (20)
17t. Boise State (8)
17t. South Carolina (NR)
19. Tennessee (16)
20. Hawaii (25)
21. TCU (NR)
22. Penn State (NR)
23t. Oregon (NR)
23t. Rutgers (13)
23t. Arizona State (NR)
23t. Clemson (NR)

Unranked by Vegas: Auburn (11th in the BCS), Wake Forest (17th), Georgia Tech (22nd), Texas A&M (23rd), Oregon State (24th).

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