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Posted at 12:44 PM ET, 11/13/2007

This Week's Vegas Oddsmakers' Top 25/30

As always, featuring 30 teams and the not-to-be-contested wisdom of Las Vegas Sports Consultants, which tells you which college teams are the best, scoreboard and polls be damned. And now, as I said on the wonderful sports television program Washington Post Live yesterday, is the time when we really need Vegas to set us straight, to cleanse our minds of talking head pollution and put things straight. Is undefeated Kansas more worthy than one-loss Oregon? How to compare one-loss Oklahoma with one-loss Ohio State with one-loss West Virginia. Just who should be in the national championship game.

Answer? LSU and Oklahoma. Next on deck? Ohio State. Vegas, like me, and like any rational being, doesn't place maximum weight on the previous week's results. Vegas just wants to know which teams are best. So the BCS, with its LSU-Oregon approach, has it wrong.

To save you the work, feel free to copy and paste this below: How can Michigan be ranked ahead of Wisconsin when blah blah blah blah blah?!???!?!

Biggest frauds, according to Vegas: Illinois is ranked eight spots too high by the BCS. Kansas is ranked six spots too high. Hawaii and Kentucky are ranked five spots too high. Georgia, Virginia Tech and Cincinnati are all mildly overrated.

Biggest sleepers, according to Vegas: Michigan is ranked seven spots too low by the BCS. Clemson is ranked five spots too low. Ohio State, Southern Cal are all mildly underrated, and teams like California and BYU (which aren't ranked by the BCS) are massively underrated.

Vegas looked smart when: Vegas has always distrusted Wake Forest, which got smashed by Vegas fave Clemson. Alabama, which Vegas didn't trust, lost at Mississippi State despite a nice BCS ranking. Hated-by-Vegas Connecticut was non-competitive at Cincinnati. Vegas faves BYU, Southern Cal and Florida all won.

Vegas looked dumb when: Vegas said Auburn was underrated and Georgia overrated; that didn't work out. Vegas said Florida State was underrated and Virginia Tech overrated; that didn't work out. Vegas has long hated Virginia; that didn't work out. Accursed Kansas keeps on winning, despite Vegas's knowledge that the Jayhawks aren't that good.

Games to watch: Two of Vegas's treasured teams take to the road: Cal at Washington, BYU at Wyoming. Two teams that make Vegas skeptical have winnable home games; Kansas vs. Iowa State, Illinois vs. Northwestern. But the big games--Ohio State-Michigan, for example--won't tell us much; in that case, Vegas love 'em both.

Numbers after the jump. BCS rankings in parentheses.

1. LSU (1)
2. Oklahoma (4)
3. Ohio State (7)
4. Oregon (2)
5. West Virginia (6)
6. Missouri (5)
7. Southern Cal (11)
8. Florida (12)
9. Kansas (3)
10. Clemson (15)
11t. Texas (13)
11t. Arizona State (8)
13. Georgia (9)
14t. Michigan (21)
14t. Virginia Tech (10)
16. Boston College (17)
17. California (NR)
18. Brigham Young (NR)
19. Boise State (18)
20. Tennessee (20)
21. Hawaii (16)
22. Penn State (NR)
23. Auburn (NR)
24. South Florida (NR)
25. Wisconsin (25)
26. Cincinnati (22)
27. Illinois (19)
28. Kentucky (23)
29. Utah (NR)
30. Arizona (NR)

Not ranked by Vegas: Virginia (14th BCS), Connecticut (24th BCS).

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