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Posted at 02:13 PM ET, 05/30/2007

Today's Top Five: HE Gets a Bobblehead?

1) Ok, Number One pretty much has to be the Blog Show Drinking Game, courtesy of Rumors and Rants, which makes me never want to leave my house again. The rules are as complicated as those for a Spelling Bee pool, but suffice it to say, here are three things that require a drink: "Dan swings and misses badly on a one-liner, bringing the show to a screeching halt; Jamie tries to talk his way out of said awful one-liner; They make references to their shirts."

2) Which brings us to, Winning the Turnover Battle and the Michael Vick Dogfighting T-Shirt (not been convicted of anything, respect the judicial process, let the legal proceedings play out, it's just a t-shirt). As of this second, I believe I might be the high bidder, which means the Need 4 Sheed t-shirts I ordered might be preempted on Blog Show. Really, with a young daughter, I should probably not be buying the number of t-shirts I am.

3) And speaking of strange sports items, the director of the George Mason pep band, the guy who dresses like a Pimp, the guy I once wrote about here, by the name of Doc Nix? Well, he now has his own bobblehead. "I can't be in all places at once, so we're making an army of bobbleheads to spread fun and happiness," he tells the Mason Gazette. That's a great looking bobblehead.

4) Trevor Hoffman could reach 500 saves in RFK this weekend, but I'm really linking to this Distinguished Senators post because of a promise I once made to link to any blog item featuring the Express on top of a tag for "Crappy Free Newspapers." And I know and love many Express employees, but that's still funny.

4A) Hey Nats fans, it could be worse. Courtesy Gheorghe the Blog, we learn with the Nats about to experience a world of pain, you should cherish the positives.

5) Since one of the founders e-mailed me, I'm happy to plug the NBA section of Rookiepedia, a Wiki site devoted to gathering info on draft prospects, especially with an eye to helping us learn more about unknowns we need to know. (Read: Tiago Splitter: "The biggest issue with his game is that he is seen as only a role player in the NBA. He hasn't shown the explosiveness offensively to be a star, and although not many people think he will be a flop, few scouts think he will ever be more than a rotation guy, or defensive specialist.") But if nothing else, it allowed me to watch this video:

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