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Posted at 10:40 AM ET, 06/12/2007

Today's Top Five: Korea Smells Like Garlic

1) Longtime reader R. Lintott yesterday suggested I do a post compiling crazy Ichiro quotes, and then sent me a bunch of great examples. Before I could do so, 100 Percent Injury Rate pretty much covered that ground as well as it could be covered. My reader suggested that Ichiro is the Gilbert of MLB, and I can't disagree. Favorite quote: "If I'm in a slump, I ask myself for advice."

2) Nationals Enquirer accurately notes that the most compelling story line coming out of Camden Yards this week is whether the JumboTron works. I was actually thinking about going tonight, just to scout the 'Tron. I trust my fellow bloggers will cover that ground if I cannot.

3) The Gilbert news was obviously overplayed. From national headlines to ESPN tickers to numerous blog posts, sending Unsilent Majority into a delirious froth. Now comes the correction, with a front-page Mike Wilbon column urging calm, and an even more sensible take from Post Grotto. Sayeth PG: "In a shocking revelation, a professional athlete expressed his desire to maximize his earning potential. I know, I know- when will such surprises ever cease?"

4) Here's a sensible take on the bloggers-in-the-press-box college baseball fiasco by Off Wing Opinion's Eric McErlain. Writing for FanHaus, Eric talks about how he was unable to live blog Caps games from the press box. Like me, he's all for blogs but sees this as more a commercial issue than some grand First Amendment crusade, but that's not how the world of irate bloggers will see it, so we should just go back into our hole.

5) The Vegas Watch blog has finished off its predicted MLB standings, based on Vegas lines. The Nats are scheduled to finish with about 96 or 97 losses, 24 or 25 games out of first. That would be a clear victory for the Kasten and Acta regime. I still think they have the potential to challenge for 100 losses, but they're obviously just a run-of-the-mill below-average team at this point.

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