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Posted at 01:59 PM ET, 06/26/2007

Today's Top Five: More Breakfast Cereal!

1) Since this place has had all sorts of breakfast cereal posts in the past few weeks, might as well lead off with a whole bunch of athlete breakfast cereals you didn't know existed, courtesy of Deuce of Davenport.

2) When I heard the Cristian Guzman news, my first thought (really) was of my friends over at Nats Triple Play, they of the Guzmania that briefly swept the nation this spring. Ok, swiffered the nation. Ok, lightly dusted the nation. Or at least picked up a few crumbs of the nation. Anyhow, at Nats Triple Play, optimism rules the day: "We've been down this road before. Every year in fact. And so we begin again. Nats Triple Play, the official home of the GUZMANIA!: Great in '08! campaign." One of these years it'll all work out.

3) Signal to Noise is now citing other bloggers saying Acie Law should be taken with the third pick. That's a bit much, but ok, I get it, he's not coming to D.C. So maybe Washington is looking at Young, N. or Young, T. Too bad there's not a Young, G.Z.

4) Killed a kitten lately? Rumors and Rants wonders, "Is Freddy Adu Ever Going to Actually Do Anything?" And further wonders: "I thought he was going to turn soccer on its head in America. He was a difference maker who was going to change everything and become the world's best player. So why isn't he even making a US squad that was a joke at last summer's World Cup? You telling me it wouldn't have at least helped his development to be there?" Yeah, well. It's a long story.

5) This was actually yesterday, of course, but any time I'm included in a Blogger Mock Draft....Winning the Turnover Battle hands out bloggers to NBA teams, and I wind up the 15th pick, going to Detroit, which is cool, because that means I can check out the Chris Webber artifacts and the letter from Bill Clinton. (See below.)

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