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Posted at 01:45 PM ET, 10/03/2011

Trent Williams tackles James Laurinaitis

Late Sunday night, I read John Keim’s “10 Observations” feature for the Examiner, as I always do late on Sunday nights. One of the veteran scribe’s observations made me go back to the videotape:

Do yourself a favor and check out Trent Williams’ hustle on the Laurinaitis interception. You want to see athleticism? Watch him come from across the field to make the tackle.

So I did myself a favor and watched it. Pretty remarkable. At a minimum, Williams’s play appeared to save the Redskins five yards, which was likely the different between St. Louis punting or attempting a field-goal after Sam Bradford was sacked twice on the ensuing drive.

And so, in addition to the above video, I thought maybe we should take a look at the key frames from the play.

To start, you’ll note that Williams is on the far left side of the play, which makes sense, seeing as how he plays left tackle. The point being, though, that he had a long way to go before he could make a tackle at the opposite sideline.

The first Redskin with a legit chance at Laurinaitis was Santana Moss, the intended receiver, who initially paused and then was blocked out of the play. I’m not sure if his momentum would have allowed him to reach down and touch the Rams backer, as some fans have suggested, but he sure was in the vicinity.

Next came two more skill players, Chris Cooley and Ryan Torain, who both looked to have an early bead on making a play.

But Torain was blocked, and Cooley never could make up any ground.

And then, suddenly, a new potential tackler appeared on the scene, like a bolt from the blocks, hair blowing in the wind, comical speed lines zooming out of his backside.

Williams closed in on an indecive pair of teammates, in Jammal Brown and Rex Grossman.

Grossman took a poor angle. Brown became engaged with a fellow on the Rams. Williams remained decisive. It’s like you can see the decisiveness in his helmet, decisive thoughts to decisively smash into Laurinaitis decisively shooting like laser beams through his facemask.

And here he accelerated the hell around Brown. Still decisive.

And then the 6-foot-5, 318-pounder decided to launch himself into the air and make a form tackle on a sprinting linebacker. Oh, hey, jogging Fred Davis.

And, contact.

The end.

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