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Posted at 05:21 PM ET, 05/22/2007

Troy Perkins's Olde English Bulldogge

1) The Troy Perkins puppy pictured in the Luciano Emilio video? It's an Olde English Bulldogge, a breed Perkins said dates from the '70s and is a combination of English Bulldog, Mastiff and Pit Bull. He got it from his in-laws. Its name?

"Magnus," Perkins told me. "Magnus Ver Magnussun? You know, 'World's Strongest Man'?"

Is that a great inspiration for a dog name or what? Anyhow, Perkins doesn't regularly bring his puppy to work. It was just twice; once when he had to go straight to a taping of Washington Post Live, airing daily from 5-6:30 on Comcast SportsyNet, and once when he was going out of town for a game weekend and Magnus was spending the weekend with the team's massage therapist.

"Wait till he gets full grown, then look at him," Perkins said. "About 80 pounds, all muscle. But they're the biggest teddy bears in the world."

In more dog news, new DCU addition Nicholas Addlery has what he called a "Pomeranian watch dog" named Choco. I guess that's not the most masculine dog in the world.

"I can't bring that dog to practice," Addlery told me.

Then he told Troy Perkins that he has a Pomeranian. Perkins sighed, deeply. "Do you see the response?" Addlery asked me. "Do you see the response?"

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2) As the unstoppable Goff reported, Alecko Eskandarian aka Esky just got traded to Salt Lake, although this report claims Esky broke the news himself by changing his Facebook page. The question we're all wondering: which team gets possession of his blog? As far as I know, this might be breaking new ground in the whole athlete-blog debate.

Regardless, this means Esky will face DCU again on June 23, unless he's traded again before that. This is good, because there's currently a Battle of the Headgear going on.

"In the Battle of the Headgear, it's Josh Gros 1, Esky 0," summarized Bobby Boswell, the official Battle of the Headgear referee. "Josh won a headball over Esky."

Anyhow, you might recall there was a bit of chippiness between Esky and Perkins, after Perkins thought Esky unfairly charged fellow headgearite Gros.

Esky's take, via the Goff blog: "He's a great goalie and a great guy, but then again, I felt he was trying to get me thrown out of the game by motioning to the ref that I threw an elbow. But I didn't throw an elbow. That's why I was upset. To me, that's cheating and he knows I didn't throw an elbow and for him to go to the ref and show his elbow, I was pretty bothered by that and I let him know about it. For some reason, I got a yellow card."

Perkins's take, on whether there was trash talking with Esky: "Nah. Not really. He was actually pretty well-behaved."

Gros's amused take, on whether there were words exchanged between Esky and Perkins: "Well, I guess you could look at the tape and see that Troy's lying. Esky poked me in the eye and tore my headgear off and Troy came to my defense, so I don't know what was happening. I couldn't see because I just got poked in the eye. I don't know what happened. I had dinner with Esky before, I talked to him after the game, so it's fine."

Perkins's take, on Gros's take, on Perkins's take: "I said [to Esky] 'You know what, he's in the same headgear as you are, why would you do that?' And he was like, 'Why don't you go worry about it,' and that's when the ref goes 'Bweee.' You know, that's just uncalled for. You could end the kid's career. If he takes another hit to the head he might be done. I didn't like that. Going after a kid who's in headgear?"

Bobby Boswell's take on L'Affaire Esky: "When he got the card against Troy I said, 'Wow, you're going to get one not even kicking someone?' Then Josh won a tackle on him, and I was like 'Damn, you're going to let Josh win a tackle on you?' Then he hit me in the nose. I said 'You already tried to bust my nose back there,' and he started laughing, and I said 'You've got to do better than that.' After the game he was like 'You guys got lucky.' I said 'Call it what you want.' I said 'You got your goal so you can shut up.' He started laughing."

3) Concerning the crowd, you'll recall that Esky said that Toronto has the best fans in MLS, before backtracking a bit on his blog and calling it a tie. Bobby Boswell's response:

"If we were in a small stadium like that, we would rock the house, dude," Boswell said of the DCU fans. "I think it would be better, dead honest. I think if you put the [supporters] on that smaller side, they would take that whole side up. And if they yelled off the walls, it would be amazing."

"But I mean, every fan in that place was psyched," said Perkins, who was seriously impressed by the support.

"They were pumped, they were hype, they were great," Boswell agreed. "A lot of people could learn a lot from them. [But] I think, personally, you put our fans in that smaller stadium, it's going to be better. That's not sucking up, that's being dead honest. I think the Barra and Screaming Eagles would fill a whole side, and then you put La Norte on one side? I think you're right there. It's already loud in our stadium, and it's huge. You put 'em in a smaller stadium, I think it's better....I think they market it well, but I don't think their fans are better than ours."

"Ours are more devoted," Perkins said.

"I think they have a better set-up," Boswell said.

"But I had goosebumps, man," Perkins said. "I mean, you listen to 20,000 people singing the same thing?"

"I think that Americans should sing their national anthems," Boswell said. "I always sing it before the game. I don't care what you say, man, it's national pride."

Although I don't care what anyone says, it's just easier to sing "Oh Canada" in unison. Lucky Canadians.

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