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Posted at 09:23 AM ET, 08/20/2008

USA 89-61 After Three

And there's your rout. Kobe Bryant three-pointer. Carmelo Anthony three-pointer. LeBron James diving save of a loose ball. Kobe Bryant free throw. Jason Kidd layup. Kobe reverse layup. Kobe three-pointer. Going back to the end of the first half, that made 19 consecutive points, 11 coming from Kobe.

Oh, and mix in Aussie missed shot, Aussie missed shot, Aussie air ball, Aussie missed shot, Aussie missed free throw, Aussie missed free throw, etc., and you know why the journalists are heading for the beer line. Literally Or why the U.S. fans are already starting a "Car-los Boo-zer, Car-los Boo-zer" chant, calling for the closest thing this team has to a walk-on.

Wonder what Coach K said at halftime? Maybe he told his guys to stop paying attention to the inflatable robotic Fuwas? Or to ignore the third-quarter entertainment? (Chinese men who spin around on the ground while dribbling basketballs, and then dance with their basketballs while passing them occasionally.)

Dwyane Wade makes a three-pointer and points at the bench. Carmelo and Kobe and LeBron stand and point back at him and laugh. Carlos Boozer unties and retires his shoes. The journalist sitting next to me just went to get a beer. I guess we're all trying to stay interested. Like, did you know that when the PA people announce each basket, it happens in both English and Chinese? And that the Chinese version of "Tayshaun Prince" sounds nothing like "Tayshaun Prince?"

I'm sprinting out of here in a likely vain attempt to make it to the Bird's Nest in time to see Usain Bolt do something silly and talk about yams. This makes six U.S. games, six wins, and six fourth quarters worth avoiding to see track, judo, or competitive paint drying. Michael Lee will provide a final report over here.

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