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Posted at 09:46 AM ET, 12/04/2006

Vegas Chooses Michigan!!!!!!!!!!!

Big day in Bogland.

1) We appear to have gotten our first blog comment from a Nats prospect. (Or at least someone claiming to be a Nats prospect. Please reassure the possibly real Collin that we need more of these antics, not less.)

2) We'll debut our area top 25 hoops poll in about three hours. (And really, it needs a snappy name. Non-snappy suggestions include DC Metroplex DI Poll, DC College Hoops Poll, Top 10 Locals and Narrowly Defined Mid-Atlantic Hoops Poll. We need something better.

3) Most importantly, Vegas gives us its final answer to the question: Who deserves to play in the national championship game.

This situation is exactly why I turned to Vegas so many months ago. The BCS uses former coaches and current coaches and computer programmers and various other people of undetermined wisdom to make the most important decision of the college football season. My theory was that, if we need to put this in human hands, let's give it to the unquestioned smartest people in college football, people whose livelihoods depend on them purging all bias from their minds and determining objective superiority: the oddsmakers.

Some people, including Brian at mgoblog, said loudly that I was wrong. And now, in the most delicious of all possible ironies, an apoplectic Brian is using Vegas as justification that Michigan is being robbed!!!!!! I told you Brian!!!!!! You should have listened to me!!!! Florida played a brutal schedule and only lost once. Michigan's only loss was on the road against the unquestioned No. 1 team in the country. We could never decide which team is more deserving, so instead we should take the team that is objectively judged to be superior by the smartest people in the land. That team is Michigan.

I'll talk to Vegas later for their thoughts on the issue, but for now, here is the final regular season Oddsmakers Top 25. I haven't printed the numerical rankings in the past, because they don't mean anything to me, but for the record Ohio State is given 110.8 points, Michigan is given 105.0 points, Florida is given 102.0 points and Southern Cal 101.5. So the battle for second wasn't even that close.

BCS rankings in parentheses. And I might take the rest of the day off to bask in the most delicious of all possible ironies.

1. Ohio State (1)
2. Michigan (3)
3. Florida (2)
4. Southern Ca (5)
5. LSU (4)
6. Louisville (6)
7. Oklahoma (10)
8. Texas (19)
9. Notre Dame (11)
10. Wisconsin (7)
11t. West Virginia (13)
11t. California (18)
13. BYU (20)
14. Virginia Tech (15)
15. Arkansas (12)
16t. Boise State (8)
16t. South Carolina (NR)
18. Tennessee (17)
19t. Nebraska (23)
19t. UCLA (25)
21. TCU (NR)
22. Rutgers (16)
23t. Oregon (NR)
23t. Clemson (NR)
23t. Arizona State (NR)

Unranked by Vegas: Auburn (ninth in BCS), Wake Forest (14th), Texas A&M (21st), Oregon State (22nd), Boston College (24th).

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