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Posted at 10:55 AM ET, 06/16/2009

Vegas High on Caps, Not on Wiz in '10

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With the championship trophies distributed, it's time to see what Vegas thinks about Gilbert Arenas's knee, an uncertain Caps situation in goal, and the odds that Verizon Center will host dueling league finals next spring. Seriously, if that ever happens, just burn the arena down after it's all over, cook several thousand half-smokes over the smoldering purple embers, and call it a career.

We'll go with futures odds from Bodog and Vegas Insider, and the verdict is mixed. The Wizards are 75-1 to win it all, tied for 18th in the league with the Nets and the Knicks. That also has them tied for ninth in the East, which would mean a season-long flirtation with the playoffs. On the one hand, not horrible for the second-worst team in '09. On the other hand, are we they really back to angling for a playoff spot? That's just depressing.

(Speaking of the Wiz, they're currently working out Steph Curry, Brandon Jennings, Jonny Flynn, among others, and Vinny Cerrato is observing the workouts. Swear on my iced coffee.)

As for the Caps, call them 10-1, which (depending on where you look) is about tied for fourth in the NHL, and third in the East, behind just Pittsburgh and Boston. Without having historical Vegas futures data in front of me, I'm comfortable saying that's the highest Vegas has regarded one of D.C.'s NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL franchises during the offseason in the three-year history of this blog, and probably for a lot longer than that. And still, if there was a money-line bet against the Caps winning it all next year, I'd gladly take it, and so would you.

(The '09 Nats, in case you've forgotten, were anywhere from 300-1 to 125-1 to win it all. Seemed juicy at the time. The '09 Redskins are 35-1 or so to with the Super Bowl.)

Odds to Win 2010 Stanley Cup

1. Detroit Red Wings 6-1
2. Pittsburgh Penguins 7-1
3. Boston Bruins 9-1
4t. San Jose Sharks 10-1
4t. Washington Capitals 10-1
6. Chicago Blackhawks 12-1
7t. Vancouver Canucks 15-1
7t. Philadelphia Flyers 15-1
7t. New Jersey Devils 15-1

Odds to Win the 2010 NBA Title

1. L.A. Lakers 9-4
2. Cleveland Cavaliers 3-1
3. Boston Celtics 9-2
4. Orlando Magic 15-2
5. Denver Nuggets 12-1
6. Houston Rockets 15-1
7. San Antonio Spurs 16-1
8. Portland Trailblazers 18-1
9. Utah Jazz 20-1
10. New Orleans Hornets 35-1
11. Dallas Mavericks 40-1
12. Detroit Pistons 45-1
13t. Atlanta Hawks 50-1
13t. Chicago Bulls 50-1
13t. Miami Heat 50-1
13t. Phoenix Suns 50-1
17. Philadelphia Sixers 60-1
18t. New Jersey Nets 75-1
18t. New York Knicks 75-1
18t. Washington Wizards 75-1

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