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Posted at 09:48 AM ET, 03/16/2007

What Rocks, Booing Duke, and Dr. Chvotkin

My three favorite moments, in chronological order, from the 15 hours I spent inside the LJVMC, subsisting on popcorn and Dove Bars, on Thursday:

With 8 minutes 22 seconds remaining in Georgetown's win over Belmont, the Hoyas led, 58-33, and their fans started chanting, "Where is Belmont?" (It's in Nashville.) Without missing a beat, the Belmont fans responded with, "What's a Hoya?" (Steinberg, care to answer?) Even the Georgetown fans seemed to appreciate the quick comeback. Barker Davis explains the Latin.

Right after the Michigan State-Marquette game ended, the fans in the arena stood up and stared at the jumbotron, which had the scores of the games in the other regions. Any time the Duke-VCU score was posted during the game, the crowd responded with either big cheers (if VCU was winning) or resounding boos (if the Blue Devils were up). But now, the score was stuck on ": 15 VCU 77, Duke 75" for what seemed to be a couple of minutes.

Finally, the P.A. announcer started reading off the final scores from other regions. Naturally, he began with Ohio State, moved on to UCLA, and then finally revealed, "VCU 79, Duke 77." The crowd, as they say, went wild. (Blog friend Grant Wahl reports that there was a corresponding big cheer in the press room. That's a no-no.) I was on press row, where I had Eric Montross--now an analyst with UNC radio--sitting to my left, and Jay Bilas--doing the game for CBS--a couple seats down on my right. Bilas was impassive. Montross was grinning, maybe even laughing.

After the Michigan State press conference ended, a couple of out-of-town reporters started to discuss the gruesome injury suffered by Spartan sophomore center Idong Ibok. Coach Tom Izzo never said what exactly the injury was, so one reporter wondered aloud if there was an official name for what had happened.

Enter Evan Chvotkin, the 28-year old son of the longtime Georgetown radio announcer. According to Evan, who had the play happen right in front of his seat on press row, Ibok hyperextended his left elbow, which was then compounded by his olecranon popping out of the humerus. (I actually had Evan write all that down in my notebook, because I certainly couldn't spell some of those words.)

Anyway, the reporters seemed satisfied with the injury report from the radio producer. It should be noted, however, that when Evan isn't carting around all of his father's gear and basically keeping Rich in line, he is an MRI technologist for Washington Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. Evan says that he is applying to medical school, and he's already started doling out advice. He said that he noticed that Brett Haber was limping earlier in the day, so he recommended a cortisone shot. Maybe for his next trick, Evan can diagnose Prisbell's knee injury.

By Camille Powell  |  09:48 AM ET, 03/16/2007

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