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Posted at 10:14 AM ET, 01/09/2007

Wiseacre Kid Takes Video Camera Into NBA Locker Rooms, Asks Silly Questions

So if you haven't heard, this kid Elie Seckbach is becoming an Internet celebrity of sorts by taking his video camera up to NBA players and asking them silly questions. The above link describes him thus:

His style is unique, asking original questions other[s] never pose, dealing with much more than just basketball. Over the years Elie has developed great rapport with key players such as Shaq O'Neal, Chris Webber, Elton Brand, Kobe Bryant as well as boxing star Dmitry "Star of David" Salita. The players find his style very refreshing as he does his best to be entertaining, informative and original.

[Wait, Chris Webber is a "key player?"]

You can see that bloggers are highly pleased by all this. One of his latest offerings concerns 2006's movies. That one might not be a home run, but it's impossible not to be extremely, extremely fond of his previous work, including getting NBA players to sing Hanukkah songs with him. You really ought to watch this one.

Point being, I'm supposed to do a roundtable AIM discussion tonight, about Elie, with some of the FreeDarko guys and a McSweeney's editor, a lineup that has me slotted a solid fourth in cleverness. The subject: "How Elie Seckbach's antics affect the Jewish relationship to the NBA." Needing inspiration, I ask for... inspiration. Frankly, I can't currently think of a single thing to say on the subject, other than I guess I need to start making more videos, starting today.

(By the way, I'm wondering whether at some point, once every NBA reporter has a video camera and begins asking NBA stars for their thoughts on Thanksgiving meals and Hanukkah songs and phenomenal swag, it will be considered very vogue and cutting-edge for reporter/bloggers to ask NBA players how they feel about zone defenses and sixth men. And then everyone will start raving about Marc Stein.)

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