Ray Knight says Philadelphia fans are born booing

October 1, 2012

This video is from last week, but hey, the Phillies are in town, and the Nats have a chance to clinch against their long-time rivals, and you can be sure that there will be more than one or two Philadelphians at Monday night’s game.

So let’s flash back to the MASN postgame show on Thursday night, when Johnny Holliday and Ray Knight started talking about Phillies fans.

“The Nats have their 31st series win tonight, and this on the road is their 16th series win,” Holliday began. “And probably nobody you’d rather beat in a series and take two out of three [from] than Philadelphia.”

“No. Doubt. About it,” Knight agreed. “There are places that you love to play because of the atmosphere, because of the way the ball carries. I loved playing in Philadelphia because the fans, they boosted my energy because they were booing all the time.

“And you saw Jayson Werth [Wednesday] night, get that base hit. You know, boos from people that have some problem because you decided to take a little bit more money from another place. That’s not right. But they boo anybody, any and everybody. They booed their pitcher tonight, because he was giving up runs. They’re born booing. They don’t come out of their mother saying WAHHHH, they come out saying BOOOOEEEOOO. So they come out booing, boy.”

(Via Nats Enquirer, via @NatsOne and @RecordsANDradio)


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