The RGIII Christmas carol

December 23, 2012

The most entertaining thing I saw on my television Sunday was not Robert Griffin III’s gorgeous touchdown pass to Santana Moss, nor Kai Forbath hitting his 17,000th consecutive field goal, nor the Eagles spitting up all over themselves on their final few offensive plays.

No, it was the kids from Janney Elementary — just a few blocks from my home, near Tenleytown — singing touching RGIII-themed Christmas carols on Comcast SportsNet’s pre-game show. Complete with shots at Andrew Luck.

If this doesn’t give you chills, well, you’d better take off one or two of those holiday sweaters you’re no doubt wearing.

Dan Steinberg writes about all things D.C. sports at the D.C. Sports Bog.
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Dan Steinberg · December 23, 2012