Jordan Crawford explains his Skittles break

February 1, 2013

via SBNation


I wonder if Jordan Crawford knew that by simply grabbing a handful of Skittles, he would create a two-day media extravaganza. He probably did.

SLAM chatted with Crawford about his choice of candy, and here’s what he had to say:

SLAM: Wednesday night you ate a handful of Skittles in the middle of the game. What was that about? Where’d you even find them?

Jordan Crawford: They were right there. I guess they were for the players, like if they want to chew on gum when they’re playing. I asked, “Can I have some?” And they were saying they were for us, so I took them.


SLAM: Do you always eat candy during games?

JC: Nah, I just did it right then because they had them. They don’t have that at a lot of arenas. It was right there, and it’s like, Skittles—who wouldn’t eat some Skittles?

SLAM: Were they the Tropical Skittles?

JC: Nah, they were the new kind. There’s a new kind that’s out. Not the Tropical ones, though.

SLAM: What’s your favorite candy overall?

JC: I’d have to say, probably, Skittles. The grape ones.

If you’re keeping track at home, I’m pretty sure they were the “Riddles” version of the candy, where the color doesn’t match the flavor. Wacky! Also, apparently I get paid to google Skittles flavors. Not a bad gig.

Crawford also talked some basketball, admitted he still hangs out with Andray Blatche, called out Martell Webster for not having enough steez, and offered this invitation to the female population of Detroit.

SLAM: Last question—do you have Valentine’s Day plans?

JC: Nah, not really. We’ll have to see about that later. I’ll be at home in Detroit though. So, girls in Detroit—I’ll be home.

Ladies, line forms to the left.

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