Georgetown bulldogs escort Butler bulldogs around campus

February 8, 2013


Georgetown mascots Jack and Jack Jr. spent some time with Butler mascots Blue II and Blue III today, which meant tons of adorable Bulldog goodness. Butler’s mascots are on a goodwill tour to celebrate the school’s first season in the Atlantic 10. The D.C. leg of the Big Dawgs Tour brought them to Georgetown, and while I’m sure Jack and J.J. were gracious hosts, they quickly made it clear who the top dogs in the conference are.

“They’re bulldogs, and we were creeping on Jack and JJ’s turf, so it got a little tense at moments,” Butler mascot owner Michael Kaltenmark told USA Today. “Most of that was indoors. Once they got outside, nobody was really territorial.”

So proud.

Here are a couple more photos of the pups hanging out on campus:

via @ButlerBlue2

via @ButlerBlue2


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