Danny Espinosa shaves his beard (Video)

February 19, 2013

Danny Espinosa’s beard reached some epic proportions during the offseason, but it’s spring training now. It’s time to get serious, and so the beard had to go.

The team was kind enough to document the shaving in a video.

“Most awkward shave of my life,” Espinosa says, as he starts the process at his right temple.

Espinosa took us on a facial-hair tour, with stops at a Kevin Youkilis-style goatee (“Beard growing is a man’s game.”)

Fu Manchu (“How much better can you get a Fu Manchu? Honestly.”)

And a 70′s-style mustache (“It doesn’t get any dirtier than an old-school, Burt Reynolds ‘stache.”)

In the end, we get the Espinosa fans have come to know and love.

“The offseason’s over,” he concludes. “I’m back.”

Here’s the full video:

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