Photos of Braden Holtby’s mom watching curling drama

February 19, 2013

Remember during the NHL playoffs last spring, when images of Braden Holtby’s mom freaking out in the stands briefly became a thing?

Well, here’s hoping that images of Braden Holtby’s mom freaking out in the stands during curling matches becomes a thing.

See, Holtby’s sister Taryn is currently competing for Saskatchewan in the Canadian women’s curling championships. Which means media outlets are doing “mom in the stands” stories again.

“She was back inside an arena on Sunday, and she was calmer,” wrote the National Post’s Sean Fitz-Gerald. “But with another one of her children competing for another major title, she offered no guarantee that behaviour would last very long.”

TSN also did a video treatment, whence these images were taken. Not nearly enough hands-covering-eyes shots, but bonus points for the white wine, the cowbell, and the guy with the helmet.

“They’ve both been intense,” dad Greg told TSN. “We’ve been so excited for both of them. The feeling we get as parents is just amazing. We’re elated and we’re nervous and we’re on the edge of our seats.”

(Item via @maxwasserman. Below image via @grholtby.)

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