More photos of RGIII playing catch with a circus elephant

(Courtesy of Feld Entertainment.)


Yup, this is the third item we’ve published on Robert Griffin III playing football with a circus elephant. But you just don’t know how many chances you’ll get in life to see your city’s most popular athlete tossing footballs around with a 9,000-pound beast named Kelly Ann. So you better take advantage when you can.

These photos, like the rest, were taken Sunday at the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus at Verizon Center. The circus this year is honoring the Year of the Dragon, bringing together “mystic dragon lore with authentic circus feats.” The Verizon Center run is over, but the show is at Baltimore’s 1st Mariner Arena from March 27 to April 7, and at the Patriot Center from April 10 to 21.

Here’s the first batch of photos, including RGIII in a glittery jacket. And here’s what happened when he started throwing passes to Kelly Ann.

(Courtesy of Feld Entertainment.)

(Courtesy of Feld Entertainment.)

(Courtesy of Feld Entertainment.)
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Dan Steinberg · March 27, 2013

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